Life Healing Center

Treatment Center
Life Healing Center treats mental health disorders, trauma, and addiction or chemical dependency disorders. We are a place for healing, where treatment plans are crafted to reflect the individuality of each patient. We believe that a mindful and holistic experience achieves healing to the core.  
31 Years Experience
In-Person Near Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM

Dr. David Amarel

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I have over 25 years experience working with individuals & couples of diverse backgrounds, ages, & sexual orientations. Our focus will be on removing psychological obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals & improving your relationships.  
30 Years Experience
In-Person Near Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM
Online in Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico

Truth Berenson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
I offer counseling and coaching for individuals of all genders, sexualities, racial identities, and family formations. My work is rooted in developing a strong therapeutic relationship. Within the counselor-client connection, clients are invited to explore relational dynamics and to safely become more honest with themselves and others. Through collaboration, I support clients to clearly identify boundaries, honor desires, and expand their capacity to tap into innate resources. My approach is informed by psychodynamic theory, spiritual and archetypal counseling, parts work, creative arts therapy, and goal-oriented coaching in addition to somatic interventions. These coupled with a client-centered and anti-oppressive lens facilitate changes that are both radical and sustainable. Areas of specialty include: partnership and family conflict, self doubt, guilt & shame, eating disorders & body image, gender, sexuality, LGBTQIA+ experiences, transitioning, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction, attachment, polyamory, family dynamics, interpersonal and communal conflict, spiritual growth, strengthening intuition, political identity, financial stability, transitions, and creative blocks. ​ My therapeutic style is intuitive, fierce, and nurturing. With passion and humor, I approach each person with deep respect for the grace and grit of human experience and an abiding trust in each individual's capacity for growth and resilience. I also support couples struggling to navigate both the inevitable and unexpected challenges of partnership. Every partnership has unique strengths and challenges and even the strongest relationships sometimes need help weathering life's hardships, be they related to health concerns, finances, sexuality and intimacy, children, work stress, extended family, etc. Couples counseling can help partners improve communication, develop a deeper understanding of each other's experiences, increase awareness of intentions and impact, and relate to each other with compassion and curiosity rather than judgment. I support couples to make collaborative decisions and move through conflict with courage, honesty, and mutual respect. ​Partners learn communication and deescalation skills, develop resiliency, and grow as individuals and partners. Together we can identify and heal attachment wounds, explore power dynamics, and build trust.  
11 Years Experience
In-Person Near Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM
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Chris Chappell

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MA, MS, LMHC
Are you going through a difficult life transition, or feeling stuck, stressed out, anxious or depressed? Do you also like to spend time outdoors? If so, I can help, with nature as our healing partner. Nature is a great healer and mirror of the soul. I integrate psychotherapy, nature therapy (eco-therapy), somatic therapy, mindfulness, and earth-based ceremonies.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person Near Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM

Dr. David Liebert

My therapeutic approach is eclectic; I utilize the theory and tools of multiple different models to customize your treatment. I will individualize my work with you in order to meet your specific goals and honor your unique experience. I will rely on your feedback to guide our time together. My intention is for you to finish each session with confidence that the time was well spent. In therapy, we will evaluate your life values and create goals, so that you can live life well, even in the presence of challenges. I will integrate psychodynamic (insight-oriented) and behavioral (skills-based) theories to offer you a comprehensive approach to health.  
26 Years Experience
In-Person Near Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM
Online in Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico