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Toronto, Ontario therapist: Sarah Glinski, registered psychotherapist

Sarah Glinski

Registered Psychotherapist, RP (Qualifying)
Raising a child may be one of the most rewarding experiences one can have but it is also one of the most challenging and confusing. It is normal for parents to disagree (with their children and their co-parent), to feel overwhelmed, to feel shame or regret, to have anxiety or to just be at a loss. Seeking professional counselling to help you through parenting challenges can alleviate stress, bring clarity to the “big picture”, and secure you with the tools to communicate more effectively, build respectful, healthy family dynamics, and understand your children better. I provide free consultation phone calls to determine whether I am the right fit to help you through these challenges.  
2 Years Experience
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Barrie, Ontario therapist: Reflection Centre, registered psychotherapist

Reflection Centre

Registered Psychotherapist, RP, MSW, RSW, RSSW
At Reflection Centre, we understand that parenting can be a challenging and rewarding experience, and we are here to support you through all of its ups and downs. Our expert therapists provide comprehensive parenting services to families of all types, including intact families, blended families, and co-parenting arrangements. We work collaboratively with you to address a variety of parenting concerns, such as managing behaviour, improving communication, and navigating transitions. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to create a healthy and loving environment for your children.  
31 Years Experience
In-Person in Barrie, ON L4M 1A6
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Georgina, Ontario therapist: Kindred Hope Wellness, registered psychotherapist

Kindred Hope Wellness

Registered Psychotherapist, RP, CCC, MA
Kindred Hope Wellness has some therapists that are familiar in helping parents learn new strategies and skills to assist with their children and teens. In doing so, we also like to focus on the parent's personal struggles as well.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Barrie, Ontario
Aurora, Ontario therapist: Sangeeta Tanwar @ Tanwar Psychology, psychologist

Sangeeta Tanwar @ Tanwar Psychology

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Do you struggle in your role as a parent? Do you find it stressful dealing with your children and managing their emotions? Learning parenting skills can be helpful to reduce stress and make your interactions with your children more effectively. Learn to cherish the bond you have with your children. Therapy can help!  
5 Years Experience
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Pickering, Ontario therapist: Elizabeth Evans, registered social worker

Elizabeth Evans

Registered Social Worker, BS.c, RSW
I have extensive parenting experience parenting a neuro-diverse child, and use my clinical expertise to provide strategies and tools to support creating a plan that the entire unit can buy into.  
11 Years Experience
Online in Barrie, Ontario