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Richmond, Virginia therapist: Bethany Anderson, counselor/therapist
Body Image

Bethany Anderson

Counselor/Therapist, LPC
Body image can be such a tough concept to navigate in a world consumed with diet culture and specific standards of beauty. Together, we will challenge those standards and learn strategies to build yourself up rather than tear yourself down.  
3 Years Experience
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Glen Allen, Virginia therapist: Resilience Counseling & Social Skills Center, counselor/therapist
Body Image

Resilience Counseling & Social Skills Center

Counselor/Therapist, LPC,LCSW,LCP
Resilience Counseling & Social Skills Center has a team of over 40 clinicians offering a wide range of treatment styles, specialties and approaches. Our team consists of Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Psychologists as well as Clinical Residents and Interns under supervision each offering a unique skill set to meet your individualized needs. Several of our providers specialize in the treatment of Body Image Issues, eating disorders and related challenges. Please visit our website to view the profile each of our clinicians:  
11 Years Experience
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Chicago, Illinois therapist: SpringSource Psychological Center, PLLC, psychologist
Body Image

SpringSource Psychological Center, PLLC

An individual's relationship with their body can be improved through the right combination of understanding underlying experiences one has had in their body, and learning ways to appreciate and care for their bodies in the present.  
28 Years Experience
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Charlottesville, Virginia therapist: Virginia Family Therapy, counselor/therapist
Body Image

Virginia Family Therapy

We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images and expectations about how our body should look. When we do not meet those expectations, it can cause great distress. Therapy can help you gain perspective and learn to be comfortable with who you are, inside and out. Our team has a wide range of specialty areas and approaches to therapy. There are several practitioners who have extensive experience working with people of all ages with body image issues. Please inquire further and we will work to find the right therapist for you. Virginia Family Therapy is a mental health practice serving individuals, families, and our community. Our counseling practice is designed to help people at all stages and from all walks of life by offering counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Throughout, we are committed to developing strengths-based, authentic, and long-lasting relationships with you and your children. We hope to provide you with the support and insight you need to help your family navigate life's hard times and joys.  
9 Years Experience
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania therapist: Dr. Rita Woidislawsky, psychologist
Body Image

Dr. Rita Woidislawsky

Psychologist, Ph.D.
31 Years Experience
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