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Waldorf, Maryland therapist: Cynthia Leslie, pastoral counselor/therapist
Women's Issues

Cynthia Leslie

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist, MA, CPRS
Many women struggle with trying to be all things to all people. Maintaining a career, raising children, and caring for elderly parents can often be issues that they face. Setting boundaries and self-care are some of the interventions that are explored in counseling.  
5 Years Experience
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Fairfax, Virginia therapist: Rachel W. Friendly, Ph.D., psychologist
Women's Issues

Rachel W. Friendly, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Being a woman in the world is no easy task. From the time we are born, we are socialized to be small: small appetites, small opinions, small bodies. We are to smile and take care of others. We are to never get angry and never complain. We are simultaneously not enough and too much, all at once - and how is that even possible? That's why I specialize in working with women's issues in therapy. If this sounds like you, let's work together to help you take your power back and build a life in which you get to be yourself, in all your expansiveness and beauty.  
13 Years Experience
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Fairfax, Virginia therapist: Lee Chase, psychologist
Women's Issues

Lee Chase

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Women's issues are human issues and can include anything such as hormonal stage of life issues, your work like, your home life, and your relationships. Therapy will be tailored to meet your needs and goals.  
30 Years Experience
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Arlington, Virginia therapist: Katie Noel Sherwood, pre-licensed professional
Women's Issues

Katie Noel Sherwood

Pre-Licensed Professional, MSW
Being a woman in today's world comes with a lot of difficulty and pressure. I hope to help you navigate this as you become the best version of yourself that you want to be.  
1 Years Experience
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Burke, Virginia therapist: Autumnleaf Group, Inc., licensed clinical social worker
Women's Issues

Autumnleaf Group, Inc.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Women face unique circumstances and stressors over the course their lifetime. We aim to serve women in the area of their pain-point(s) to include their money relationship. As a result of work with our clinician, Janine N Harrigan, clients are supported to become more connected to their money by examining their feelings, thoughts and behaviors resulting in personal and generational transformation.  
18 Years Experience
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Annapolis, Maryland therapist: Eric Weinstein, life coach
Women's Issues

Eric Weinstein

Life Coach, Hypnosis and NLP, shamanic healing, Energy Psychology (including "tapping"), Voice Dialogue
It might seem strange for a man to list women’s issues as a specialty, but it was the mistreatment of women in my life that inspired me to research alternatives to mainstream medicine and mental health. I don’t claim to have special insights into women’s issues, but as a member of a “target” group myself (I’m a man of color, and a short one at that.), I relate to some of the societal “isms” that women face. A girlfriend once said “You think more like a woman than any man I’ve known.” I think she was exasperated, but I was complimented. Maybe this is why I attract a higher percentage of female clients (especially female therapists!) than most males in a therapeutic role, and why I’ve long had more female friends than male friends. I’m a reasonably enlightened guy who’s proud to say I’m a feminist (although I also work well and respectfully with women who are politically and religiously traditional and/or conservative). So, if you think it might help to have a male perspective and (depending on your age) some healthy father energy in your life, get in touch.  
17 Years Experience
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Arlington, Virginia therapist: Andrea Miller, counselor/therapist
Women's Issues

Andrea Miller

Counselor/Therapist, NCC
As a therapist, I approach women's issues with empathy and understanding, integrating Narrative Therapy to help my clients rewrite their narratives and redefine their identities in a way that empowers them. Through Person-Centered Therapy, I create a nurturing and validating environment where women feel safe to explore their emotions and experiences without fear of judgment. Drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), I guide my clients in embracing their thoughts and feelings while taking meaningful steps towards living a life that aligns with their values and aspirations.  
3 Years Experience
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Alexandria, Virginia therapist: Sound Mind Sound Body LLC, psychologist
Women's Issues

Sound Mind Sound Body LLC

Psychologist, MPsy, PsyD
Women's issues are ones that are not specific to women, but can be-such as the reality of living in a patriarchy and how that affects well-being. Additionally, as someone who specializes in chronic health issues, women's health is another factor that suffers under a system that typically tends to downplay or dismiss experiences that are valid. Whether there are reproductive health concerns, challenges to identity, or stressors related to systems, I wish to support and improve well-being.  
8 Years Experience
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Alexandria, Virginia therapist: Snezana Sonje, psychiatrist
Women's Issues

Snezana Sonje

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
Any concern you have  
21 Years Experience
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Ashburn, Virginia therapist: Jennifer Batra, licensed clinical social worker
Women's Issues

Jennifer Batra

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, LICSW
Women experience unique challenges throughout life, from career, family, friends, identity, responsibilities, expectations, etc. As a woman and a working mother I understand these challenges and stressors, we will work to create a safe space to explore how are you balancing everything and what shifts can be made for you to feel more balanced.  
19 Years Experience
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