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London, England  therapist: Dr Ian Anderson, psychologist

Dr Ian Anderson

Psychologist, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (HCPC registered), PhD, MSc, MSc, MSc, MA (Econ), BA (Econ) Hons
Forgiveness has its place. Sometimes it is appropriate; sometimes it is not. In fact I think it is fair to say that forgiveness per se is overrated. Forgiveness is not a statement, but an experience. Sometimes forgiveness is a healing experience for the individual. My counselling would aim to identify whether forgiveness is appropriate in relation to your individual circumstances, and if so to enable you to achieve it as a form of healing; and if not, to help you find another path to fulfillment.  
44 Years Experience
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Halifax, Nova Scotia therapist: Claire Silvester, counselor/therapist

Claire Silvester

Counsellor/Therapist, MSC (Psych), BSc (Psych), Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP), RP.
Saying sorry is a skill, recovering from betrayal is a programme of many forms of sorry and a rebuild of areas of trust.  
19 Years Experience
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Alton, England  therapist: Julie Jenner, counselor/therapist

Julie Jenner

Counsellor/Therapist, BA(Hons), NCS Senior Accredited
Forgiveness is a tricky area as it can bring up so many thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you question forgiving someone who has done wrong by you, other times you may be looking to forgive yourself for situations you take blame for. Even deciding whether forgiveness is appropriate or not can bring discomfort and uncertainty. If this is an area you struggle with, talking it through with someone outside of your everyday life gives you the chance to say out loud all those thoughts that you might feel you need to hide from others, and decide what is right for you.  
8 Years Experience
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London, England  therapist: Gemma Autumn, counselor/therapist

Gemma Autumn

Counsellor/Therapist, Integrative Adult and Adolescent Counsellor Cert, PgDip, MBACP Accredited
I work with those wishing to explore forgiveness.  
8 Years Experience
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Chester, England therapist: Estelle Dooley, counselor/therapist

Estelle Dooley

Counsellor/Therapist, Accredited, MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, MBACP Reg
I offer a compassionate and transformative approach to healing deep emotional wounds and fostering inner peace. With specialized training and a wealth of experience, I guide individuals through the intricate process of forgiveness, helping them release resentment, anger, and pain. Utilizing evidence-based techniques and a supportive therapeutic environment, I empower clients to embrace forgiveness as a powerful tool for personal growth, emotional liberation, and reclaiming their lives.  
18 Years Experience
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