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Seattle, Washington therapist: Dr. Abrielle Conway, Rooted in Grace Psychological Services, psychologist
Infertility or Adoption

Dr. Abrielle Conway, Rooted in Grace Psychological Services

Psychologist, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
You're tired of waiting. Everyone else seems to keep on moving, but you're stuck. With every menstrual cycle, you feel the sting of yet another month of not being pregnant. You often question if you will ever be able to have children. The tests and the procedures are taking a toll on your body and your sanity. You don't know how much more you can take. Others around you don't seem to understand that this is more than an impersonal medical procedure. Experiencing infertility and undergoing various medical interventions can create a host of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic symptoms. I've taken several trainings on Infertility and Pregnancy Loss through Postpartum Support International, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Centre of Perinatal Excellence. I've also worked with individuals traveling this socially isolating journey. Please know that you are not alone. No matter the outcome, you can get through this moment. I would be honored to walk alongside you.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington therapist: Jessica Katz, licensed clinical social worker
Infertility or Adoption

Jessica Katz

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LICSW, PMH-C
I am trained by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine to provide evidence based counseling for clients undergoing fertility treatments. I also have my own personal experience becoming a mother via IVF  
7 Years Experience
Online in Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington therapist: Ian Hagemann, MSW, counselor/therapist
Infertility or Adoption

Ian Hagemann, MSW

Counselor/Therapist, MSW, SWAA 60977729
I am a post-reunion transracial adoptee who believes in adoptee dignity and operates from an adoptee-centric position. I am especially compassionate about adoptees who were placed in abusive homes and passionate about supporting adoptees to be intentional about the search and reunion process. I prefer to work with adult adoptees rather than other members of the adoption triad, but will make exceptions for white parents of Black adoptees who are already anti-racist.  
5 Years Experience
In-Person in Seattle, WA
Online in Seattle, Washington
Tacoma, Washington therapist: Teona Amble, psychologist
Infertility or Adoption

Teona Amble

Psychologist, Ph.D., LP
Dealing with struggles in growing your family can feel overwhelming. I am here to help you navigate the challenges of infertility issues and adjustment to infertility treatment. I am also available to help you prepare for adoption and to support your family and you during and after adoption. Let's work together to help you survive and thrive during these difficult times and be present with yourself and your family.  
13 Years Experience
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Baltimore, Maryland therapist: Nancy Hayes-Gary, Psy.D., psychologist
Infertility or Adoption

Nancy Hayes-Gary, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, MD , Psy.D.
As an adoptive parent who went through infertility treatment many years ago, I’m particularly attuned to how this puts pressure on a couple. It can also be quite overwhelming and can cause people to feel like they are on a roller-coaster ride. Often couples need to come in for support together. Or one partner needs extra support.  
31 Years Experience
Online in Seattle, Washington