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Halifax, Nova Scotia therapist: Dr. Christine Sauer, life coach

Dr. Christine Sauer

Life Coach, MD;ND
As a German-trained physician and naturopath (not licensed anymore) I offer brain health and mental health coaching services, weight loss and emotional eating, mental health support. I use Havening Techniques to remove mental and emotional blocks around stress after traumatic events as well tools and techniques from TEAM Therapy (Dr. David Burns), Hypnotherapy and the Rewind Technique. I use Brain Health Tools by Dr. Daniel Amen MD as well as Neuroencoding (Dr. Joseph McClendon PhD). I do energetic healing and use body-mind techniques like intentional intuitive moving (similar to Yoga, TaiChi and QiGong) and others.  
34 Years Experience
Medicine Hat, Alberta therapist: Russ Webb - Insight Counselling Services, counselor/therapist

Russ Webb - Insight Counselling Services

Counsellor/Therapist, MA, CT, RPC, MPCC
Online counselling therapy sessions are available for individuals and are very easy to set up.  
26 Years Experience
Online in Alberta
Toronto, Ontario therapist: Victoria Lorient-Faibish, registered psychotherapist

Victoria Lorient-Faibish

Registered Psychotherapist, MEd, RP, CCC, RPE
A combination of talk therapy, somatic energetic modalities We do incredibly deep dives into family of origin impact, patterns/relational attachment styles & behaviours as well as breath work, visualization, somatic energetic modalities, tools to value yourself, fight fair and more.  
32 Years Experience
In-Person in Toronto, ON M6E 4P3
Online in Ontario
Victoria, British Columbia therapist: Shannon MacGregor, counselor/therapist

Shannon MacGregor

Counsellor/Therapist, RTC, MTC, CLC, RCS
E-Counselling offers flexibility and convenience. It can be done with a smart phone, tablet or PC. I've found it to be just as effective as In-Person therapy.  
16 Years Experience
Online in British Columbia
Hamilton, Ontario therapist: ASR Counselling and Psychotherapy, Attachment and Trauma-informed, registered social worker

ASR Counselling and Psychotherapy, Attachment and Trauma-informed

Registered Social Worker, HonBA, BSW, MSW, RSW, EMDR Certified
Hi, my name is Ada. Maybe this is your first time seeking therapy or maybe you are searching for a better fit. Trying to find someone who is able to help can feel overwhelming, especially with so many options. For 22 years, my passion has been working with individuals who have struggled with old wounds and life's unrelenting hardships. My speciality is making sense of your life story: the experiences, stuck thoughts, feelings and perhaps, even memories that have contributed to where you are today. Gaining a better understanding of what brought you here will help shape what you need to feel better. Getting the lay of the land of your life story not only helps to understand where you've been, but also where you need to go from here. We can do this by getting to know those wounded parts of self and, finally, giving them a voice to heal. Understanding your life story is most effective in making those desired changes because it is complete – understanding you, from beginning, middle and beyond. I look forward to connecting with you and starting you on your journey of self discovery and healing.  
22 Years Experience
In-Person in Hamilton, ON L8E 4S2
Online in Ontario

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