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Bognor Regis, England therapist: Fiona Grace, counselor/therapist
Social Isolation

Fiona Grace

Counselor/Therapist, AdvDipCounselling &Pyschotherapy MBACP
Bognor Regis, Bristol, London, West Sussex Social Isolation this often comes with social anxiety as the more we withdraw from everyone the harder it can be to reach out and not be anxious and afraid when we have to go anywhere  
18 Years Experience
Christchurch, England therapist: Saffron Marriner, counselor/therapist
Social Isolation

Saffron Marriner

Counselor/Therapist, MBACP (Accred)
This may or may not be linked to previous lockdown for some people. I work in a person centred way to understand the reasons behind it and set achievable goals with my client if this is what they want to do in order to build a support network.  
20 Years Experience
 therapist: Lakis Elezoglou, psychologist
Social Isolation

Lakis Elezoglou

Psychologist, Psychologist (Merit), Positive Thinking Counsellor (Excellent), Biomedical Scientist (BSc. - Hons), Pharmacy (MSc. - Distinction)
I have dealt with social isolation in the past and I help a lot of people with this issue.  
4 Years Experience
Dublin, County Dublin therapist: Mind and Body Works, counselor/therapist
Social Isolation

Mind and Body Works

Counselor/Therapist, MIACP, MIAHIP, MPSI, COSRT,
We have a number of therapists who work with social isolation.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person in Dublin, Ireland
In-Person in Donnybrook, Ireland
Online in Ireland
London, England therapist: Alison Edwards Therapy, Coaching & Supervision, psychologist
Social Isolation

Alison Edwards Therapy, Coaching & Supervision

Psychologist, CBT Therapist, FMBPsS, MA (Hons), MSc, CertCouns, MSc
I have worked with a lot of clients who became very socially isolated during the Covid pandemic, and who have struggled to get back to socialising again after lockdowns. Many clients have had problems with social anxiety/ social phobia or depression before Covid, and some clients have new anxieties, fears and phobias due to the pandemic, lockdown and family challenges. I provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is the recommended psychological therapy for social anxiety/ social phobia and depression. I can also provide CBT for traumas and PTSD.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Ireland, United Kingdom
Carlow, County Carlow therapist: Clive Rooney CLIVECARE, registered psychotherapist
Social Isolation

Clive Rooney CLIVECARE

Registered Psychotherapist, BA (HONS) Psych, H Dip Psychsis, Bsc Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA Cognitive Behavioural therapy
Social isolation can be extremely deflating and contribute to low mood. With a CBT approach you can learn to create more positive choices and take small progressive steps to making connections, developing friendships and pursuing activities.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person in Carlow, Ireland
Online in Ireland
Lancing, England therapist: Jerry Ramsden, counselor/therapist
Social Isolation

Jerry Ramsden

Counselor/Therapist, (Dip.Couns)
Experienced and knowledgeable in working with social isolation.  
20 Years Experience
 therapist: Debbie Debonaire, counselor/therapist
Social Isolation

Debbie Debonaire

Counselor/Therapist, BA Hons, IMTTA, Heartmath Coach
Social isolation therapy, known as Social Isolation Counseling, is a specialised area focused on helping individuals overcome feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness from others. This therapeutic approach is crucial for those experiencing prolonged periods of solitude, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and poor overall well-being. To support individuals dealing with this, I employ interventions like science-backed Heartmath Techniques, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), and social skills training to help clients rebuild social connections, enhance communication skills, and cultivate a supportive network. I provide a lifeline for individuals struggling with social isolation, fostering a sense of belonging and improving overall mental health.  
8 Years Experience

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