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Minneapolis, Minnesota therapist: Dr. Sheena Sikorski, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Sheena Sikorski

Psychologist, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist
Do you constantly feel like you're never good enough? Do you feel like you compare yourself to other people and think they're so much better looking or smarter than you? Do you feel like you have to wear a mask and pretend you're someone you're not just to get people to like you, not leave you, or reject you? If you said 'yes' to any or all of these questions, you've come to the right place. These are common signs of perfectionism and people-pleasing, my specialty! If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to find and use your voice to share your opinions and needs, feel safe being vulnerable to deepen your emotional connections, and learn how to compassionately hold yourself accountable when you make a mistake, this CAN be your reality with the scientifically based tools you'll learn working with me as your guide. To learn more about working together, reach out by sending me a message through my profile on here. I'm excited to hear from you!  
7 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Houston, Texas therapist: Christine Henry, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Christine Henry

Psychologist, Ph.D
As a neurodivergent therapist, I enjoy working with adults who are exploring or have recently discovered that they are ADHD, autistic, or both. We can find ways to adapt the world to better suit you instead of trying to fit into neurotypical standards. Learn how to improve your connections with others, strategies to regulate emotions, increase motivation, find more fulfillment at your job, and even experience moments of joy. I also specialize in grief, childhood, and religious trauma.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Atlas Behavioral Health (Group Practice)

Psychologist, PsyD, LPC, Postdoctoral Fellows
Atlas Behavioral Health is a growing private practice in Chicago that provides outpatient therapy to adults, children/adolescents, couples, families, and groups. Our practice strives to be anti-racist, to consciously build a team that possesses a multitude of perspectives and positionalities, and to support more marginalized clinicians in concerted ways. - Atlas was started by two psychologists, Dr. Sheila Collins & Dr. Lindsey Hovan. Both clinicians have over ten years of specialized experience in a host of different areas. At Atlas, we pride ourselves on being approachable, empathic, and collaborative. We are trained in evidence-based approaches and are able to support you in creating, tracking, and achieving the goals you set for yourself. We hope you’ll meet with us to learn more about our practice and find a good fit for your needs!  
15 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chapel Hill, North Carolina therapist: Jennifer Plumb Vilardaga, PhD, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Jennifer Plumb Vilardaga, PhD

Psychologist, PhD
Just being a human is challenging. A therapeutic relationship is one that creates a safe space to reflect on who you are and what you experience, learn to relate to those experiences differently, and empowers you to make choices about how you want to be. My work is to support you, build awareness and understanding, and ultimately to help guide you towards living a full, vital, and connected life - as you define it.  
11 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Athens, Ohio therapist: Dr. Kristyn Neckles, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Kristyn Neckles

Psychologist, Psy.D.
Embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and healing at Resilience In Becoming Wellness Center. I believe in the power of your individual story, and through compassion, I am dedicated to crafting a personalized path just for you. I understand and value in my practice that every person is unique, and so are their struggles. I am committed to tailoring personalized strategies that empower you to navigate life's challenges, fostering resilience and creating a path towards lasting mental wellness. Let me be a guide in navigating life's challenges, providing the support and understanding you deserve. Your well-being is my priority, and together, we'll uncover the strengths within you to create a life of fulfillment and joy – your journey to a happier life starts here.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota