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Los Angeles, California therapist: Dr. Jadah Petty, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Jadah Petty

Psychologist, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I offer culturally responsive, evidence-based therapy that is tailored to meet your needs. Whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship issues, or difficulty managing emotions, I will work with you to find a treatment that fits best based on your needs and goals. Change is what I always work towards in therapy and we will consistently assess the process to ensure you are getting what you need. Taking the whole person into account, including culture and identity, I will work to create a space that is affirming, nonjudgmental, and genuine. If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to reach out and set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation!  
5 Years Experience
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Chicago, Illinois therapist: Dr. Evette Addai, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Evette Addai

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Accepting new clients! Are you or your child finding it hard to cope with a medical diagnosis? Are you noticing changes where your child is having more tantrums, cannot follow instructions unless you repeat yourself, seems to be overthinking, spends more time in their room, or blows up over small things? We can work together to use evidence-based solutions to improve stress, change behaviors, and help create a hopeful future for you and/or your child. I have worked with many youth, adults, and families around healing from burnout, finding space for self-care when there's little time, and dealing with larger social stressors related to race/ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Curious to learn more about how I could be helpful? Lets chat! Schedule a free 15 phone minute consultation.  
4 Years Experience
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Charleston, South Carolina therapist: Dr. Stephanie Best LLC, psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Stephanie Best LLC

Psychologist, PhD, HSP-P
When we are nurtured, we have the power to soar! I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist on a mission to help high-achieving, anxious, whole-hearted women rediscover their brilliance, by teaching them how to liberate themselves from their fears and move toward what truly matters. At Dr. Stephanie Best LLC, I use a powerful mind-body approach to guide clients in un-hooking from difficult thoughts and feelings, clarifying how they yearn to show up in the world, and developing skills to nurture their wellness so they can thrive! Backed by exceptional training, personal experience, and 20+ years of clinical work, I partner with clients to empower them to create change that is both meaningful and long-lasting. Contact me today if you're ready to start living a courageously authentic life, prioritize your wellness, and reconnect with your purpose!  
14 Years Experience
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Palos Heights, Illinois therapist: Dr. Aretha Steele (Mindful Healing Counseling), psychologist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr. Aretha Steele (Mindful Healing Counseling)

Psychologist, PsyD
Taking the step to seek support is a courageous move, and I want to applaud you for it. I know everyone has a different story, and I'm here to honor and respect yours. As your therapist, my focus is on creating a collaborative and caring space where you can explore your thoughts and emotions. In our sessions, we can delve into your experiences, tackle obstacles, discover fresh perspectives, and uncover the strengths within you. Being a black woman, I recognize the significance of your identity and am dedicated to honoring each person’s story.  
15 Years Experience
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Seattle, Washington therapist: Dr. UHUNOMA OSADOLOR, psychiatric nurse/therapist
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Psychiatric Nurse/Therapist, DNP, PMHNP
Do you struggle with feeling disconnected from yourself and others? Do you put your needs at the bottom of the to-do list? Do you wonder if life should feel somehow better? Happier? Now more than ever, people are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and uncertain about how they are supposed to manage their relationships, careers, and their lives. Pushing away your needs and not taking time for yourself can lead to long-term issues for your mind and body. We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to live a better life.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Omaha, Nebraska