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Cincinnati, Ohio therapist: Joanna Pierri, licensed professional counselor

Joanna Pierri

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC
Do you feel like you've tried everything, but you just can't move forward? I incorporate evidence-based techniques, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), to help individuals (age 8+) process traumatic experiences and work toward lasting healing. I enjoy working with kids, teens and families of all generations, including those in their sunset years. I see clients in offices in Blue Ash and Hyde Park, OH.  
3 Years Experience
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Terrace Park, Ohio therapist: Lisabeth Kaeser Eating by Faith, life coach

Lisabeth Kaeser Eating by Faith

Life Coach, BA Sociology, EDIT™ Level 3 Certification, Trained Lay Pastoral Peer Counseling, Healing, Prayer
As Eating by Faith's Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, I offer a unique perspective due to my own recovery from anorexia/purging type severe as a teenager and a middle aged woman. I am the Author of Eating by Faith, A Walk with God. My Eating Disorder from the Inside Out. Taste and See. A board member of The Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team,I became a trainer and facilitator for The Body Project and NEDA Keynote Speaker. I am Passionate about helping others find their identity beyond their eating disorder. I found my identity in Christ and who he says I am. Let me help you explore your true Identity. Contact me today for a free consultation.  
6 Years Experience
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Boca Raton, Florida therapist: Dr. Sheryl Ferguson, psychologist

Dr. Sheryl Ferguson

Psychologist, (Psy.D.)
Hi! It may be difficult to know whether your problems are just a phase and there are many situations, even positive ones, which may cause stress. I am committed to careful listening and in providing a safe, warm and caring space to facilitate and foster growth and development. I'm here to assist and provide guidance as you gain insight about yourself and those around you, as you focus on empowerment towards self love and to being as authentic as you can be. Helping you 'find your way.' Call today for a free 15 minute consultation.  
20 Years Experience
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Columbus, Ohio therapist: Brent Flory, licensed professional counselor

Brent Flory

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPCC
Are you feeling stuck as you navigate anxiety or loss & grief in your life? I get it. I have helped many clients work through the profound challenges they face and gave them the tools they need to heal and recover again.  
9 Years Experience
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Durham, North Carolina therapist: Hope I. Hills, Ph.D., psychologist

Hope I. Hills, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist in NC, Authorized PsyPact Practitioner in 40 states
I have been a licensed therapist since 1987 when I was a professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri. I've continued to help my clients learn to love and accept themselves, whether in individual or couples therapy, executives and their teams, or women in prison. I pay attention to Body, Mind, and Spirit as we work, as I believe we must recognize the interaction of all three. Clients comment that despite feeling safe with me, they feel challenged to face themselves.  
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