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    In 2011, city leadership launched Healthy Cleveland, which aims to reduce and eliminate health problems in the city, improving the lives of every resident. Some of these initiatives include bans on tobacco use, improving streets where pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit users can safely share the road with motorists it also set up a plan to increase the healthy food options available to children in public schools. Another key factor in overall health of Cleveland residents is violence prevention which is an important issue in this area.

    Cleveland has a diverse population of various cultures and races, so another important aspect of improving the health is focusing on minority health options. Part of the Healthy Cleveland movement focuses on improving care and making sure that minorities have access to healthcare for everything including depression, substance abuse, and violence. Part of the initiative includes improving preventive care, employing a more diverse population of healthcare professionals while trying to improve the relationships between patients and healthcare providers and other medical professionals.

    If you live in the Cleveland area and are currently struggling with any emotional disorders or simply need someone to talk to, there is a network of licensed professionals who can offer a great deal of help and assistance. The Ohio Department of Health and Human Services and the National Alliance on Mental Illness: Ohio are great places to start with getting the assistance you or your loved ones are looking for.

    One in ten adults in Ohio are currently divorced or separated. It’s a high number, but you can choose to work through it. Find a therapist who focuses on relationships for those looking to build a stronger marriage or improve bonds between family members. Many engaged couples are now seeing the benefits of relationship counseling before their wedding, allowing both parties to discuss and resolve issues before the big day.

    Cleveland residents who are victims of, or who have survived violence, whether from a loved one or stranger, often suffer serious emotional damage and PTSD. Eliminating emotional and physical abuse is a key factor in the Healthy Cleveland plan, so the city has improved resources for residents to get the help they need to get out of a dangerous situation. If you have health insurance, therapy is often a covered benefit, so talk to your counselor or insurance company about what your plan offers.

    It’s important to Cleveland for its residents to be happy and healthy all the way around. If you are looking to improve your mental and emotional well-being, don’t be afraid to search for a professional that will empathetically guide you to where you need and want to be. TherapyTribe is here to help you or your loved ones find the appropriate care.