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Denver, Colorado therapist: Katie Steinert, licensed professional counselor

Katie Steinert

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Stress is a part of life... but sometimes it can become overwhelming. Stress takes many forms - it can be an important life transition such as the adjustment from college to a career or a cross-country move. It can also take the form of relationship conflict, family tension, or just feeling burnt out. Therapy can provide a space to problem solve and work to minimize the impact that stressors have on your happiness and functioning. Using an empathic, supportive, and solution-focused approach, my role is to work collaboratively with you to determine practical steps to create positive change and manage stress.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon therapist: Stephanie Powers, drug and alcohol counselor

Stephanie Powers

Drug and Alcohol Counselor, MS, LCDC, CADC II
Stress is the underlying cause of many health related issues, including the gut-brain connection. Managing stress can dramatically change your lifestyle, mindset, and overall well-being.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon therapist: Angie Arledge, pre-licensed professional

Angie Arledge

Pre-Licensed Professional, CSWA
With everything in life that comes our way it can be a lot and there may be struggles that are overwhelming.  
3 Years Experience
In-Person in Portland, OR 97227
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Portland, Oregon therapist: Catherine Saunders, licensed professional counselor

Catherine Saunders

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Bad stress and good stress are a part of life. It’s when it causes dysfunction in any aspect of our lives that we can use an advocate like a Therapist to work through the issues and to come up with relieving solutions.  
27 Years Experience
In-Person in Portland, OR 97221
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Miami, Florida therapist: LaTonya Washington, licensed clinical social worker

LaTonya Washington

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, LICSW-S
Are you constantly feeling drained, exhausted and overwhelmed no matter how much sleep you are getting? Do you find it hard to let go and switch your mind off after a long day at work? I support high performing professionals in demanding careers find greater balance by designing their work to reflect their optimal work-life blend.  
15 Years Experience
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Portland, Oregon therapist: Wendy Jensen LCSW, licensed clinical social worker

Wendy Jensen LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist, Diplomate Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Nearly half of women report a rise in stress levels over the past five years. And while women and men tend to cope with stress differently, we know that chronic stress contributes to a range of health problems in both sexes, including mental health disorders, heart disease and obesity, depression, anxiety, low sex drive, memory and concentration problems, headaches, upset stomach, lack of focus, lack of energy and mood swings. Stress can be a motivator, and it can even be essential to survival. The body’s fight-or-flight mechanism tells a person when and how to respond to danger. However, when the body becomes triggered too easily, or there are too many stressors at one time, it can undermine a person’s mental and physical health and become harmful. Stress is the body’s natural defense against predators and danger. It causes the body to flood with hormones that prepare its systems to evade or confront danger. People commonly refer to this as the fight-or-flight mechanism. Managing stress calls for addressing the mind as well as the body, since both the brain and body contribute to symptoms. In my practice, I employ a variety of stress busting techniques derived from energy psychology including acupoint tapping, EMDR, Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM), guided meditation and exercises such as tai chi and qi gong movements meant to disapate stuck energy from the body.  
29 Years Experience
In-Person in Portland, OR
Online in Portland, Oregon
Milwaukie, Oregon therapist: Peaceful Warrior Wellness Services, LLC / Dr.Steven Ruiz Bettencourt, Psy.D.,LPC, Cht, EMDR, licensed professional counselor

Peaceful Warrior Wellness Services, LLC / Dr.Steven Ruiz Bettencourt, Psy.D.,LPC, Cht, EMDR

Licensed Professional Counselor, Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, EMDR
Stress is an internal event. It is the result of an overly activated fight/flight mechanism that has not had a chance to wind down and return to a pre-activated mental and emotional state. A stress response may include increased blood pressure, hormone levels (cortisol, epinephrine/norepinephrine), heart rate, racing thoughts, irritability, negative cognition, depression, anger, as well as the decrease of patience, feelings of well being, hope and positive cognition. Psychotherapy would focus on journaling, finding certain triggers, meditation, mindfulness, bio-feedback, diet, regular exercise, weight management, getting enough sleep, EMDR, to name a few strategies.  
41 Years Experience
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