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Bluffton, South Carolina therapist: Dr. Hiyaguha Cohen, counselor/therapist

Dr. Hiyaguha Cohen

Counselor/Therapist, Ph.D., LPCA, MA, MFA
Few things hurt as much as a betrayal by the person you trust most in the world. You may feel like your universe has tilted, like you don't know what to believe anymore like you'll never trust again or love again and like nobody will ever love you. Though it might not seem possible to you right now, people DO heal from infidelity. I use EMDR to heal the trauma of the discovery, CBT to help you gain perspective on your situation, and specialized betrayal counseling to help you heal.  
31 Years Experience
In-Person in Bluffton, SC
Online in Bluffton, South Carolina
Bluffton, South Carolina therapist: Lisa Vespico-Mull, licensed professional counselor

Lisa Vespico-Mull

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, SAP, ICAADC
Infidelity can have a profound impact on a relationship. I can help couples address trust issues and how to move forward as a couple. I have specific techniques which I can utilize to help reestablish the connection between partners and build trust, lessening the impact over time.  
11 Years Experience
Online in Bluffton, South Carolina
Greenwich, Connecticut therapist: Michelle Peacock, psychologist

Michelle Peacock

Psychologist, PhD
Most people believe that infidelity is the end of a relationship but it need not be. Infidelity can be an opportunity for a couple to gain insight into the underlying problems in their relationship and potentially heal and move to a higher ground and better foundation for their relationship.  
19 Years Experience
Online in Bluffton, South Carolina
 therapist: Dr. Erick David Arguello, psychologist

Dr. Erick David Arguello

Psychologist, PsyD
Infidelity can deeply impact trust, communication, and emotional well-being within a relationship. With empathy and understanding, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to explore feelings, process emotions, and work towards healing and reconciliation.  
15 Years Experience
Online in Bluffton, South Carolina
Centennial, Colorado therapist: South Psychology, psychologist

South Psychology

Psychologist, PhD
Discover a path toward healing and restoration at South Psychology. If you’re grappling with the aftermath of infidelity, our dedicated team of therapists is here to guide you through this challenging journey. Our Approach: Understanding and Compassion: We recognize the pain and broken trust that infidelity brings. Our therapists create a safe space where you can express your emotions, process the betrayal, and find a way forward. Individualized Care: No two situations are alike. Whether you’re the betrayed partner or the one who strayed, we tailor our interventions to your unique needs. Our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of rebuilding trust and connection. Holistic Healing: Beyond addressing the immediate crisis, we consider emotional well-being, communication patterns, and relational dynamics. Our holistic approach aims to empower you toward lasting change. How We Can Help: Couples Therapy: Rebuilding after infidelity requires open communication and vulnerability. Our evidence-based couples therapy helps you explore underlying issues, improve communication, and regain trust. Individual Counseling: Sometimes healing begins with individual sessions. We address the emotional aftermath, anxiety, depression, and trauma associated with infidelity. Supportive Environment: South Psychology provides a nonjudgmental space where healing can occur. We guide you toward forgiveness, self-discovery, and healthier relationship patterns.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Bluffton, South Carolina