Katie Bonanno

Pre-Licensed Professional, MA, LMFT-A
I provide a supportive and nurturing environment where you can feel safe to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I understand that life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and reaching out for help is a courageous first step toward a brighter future. I tailor my approach to meet your unique needs, ensuring that you receive the care and support that resonates with you. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or just seeking personal growth, I am committed to helping you find clarity and develop the skills you need to thrive. My mission is to empower you to believe in yourself and take control of your mental well-being. So, why wait? Reach out to us today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together. You have the strength within you – let us help you uncover it.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

encompass care & counseling

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Certified Enneagram Coach
I am Dawn Richa, founder of Encompass Care & Counseling and I am glad you are here. I know seeking help can be an overwhelming process and deciding who to trust to help us sort out our inner world is no easy task. I offer a free consultation so we can get to know one another and share questions and concerns. In our work together, I am committed to offering a supportive environment and a fresh perspective that points you toward freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns that have long stood in your way.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Ethredge Counseling Group of South Carolina

Counselor/Therapist, LPC, CCTP
Whether you have experienced “Big T” Trauma” such as an assault or car accident, or “Little t trauma” such as a break-up, job loss, or childhood bullying, unprocessed negative experiences can effect us in many ways. You may have unprocessed trauma if you experiences some of the symptoms below: Anxiety Tired, empty, or lost Social isolation Frequent alcohol consumption Poor boundaries with others Panic attacks Poor sleeping patterns Overwhelm or stress Unstable relationships Frequent crying Feeling numb Thoughts about death Fidgeting Fatigue Weight gain Low motivation  
5 Years Experience
In-Person in Charleston, SC 29412
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Sara Dochterman

Therapist, LCSW
If you are struggling with the psychological and emotional impact of trauma, anxiety or depression or living as a highly sensitive person, therapy can help you heal and create the the meaningful, fulfilling life you long for. Together, we can walk the path to finding your health and wholeness.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Theresa Conway

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Theresa Conway Licensed Professional Counselor (South Carolina, #9122) Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland #13754) I enjoy people and learning about their experiences. I am honored to be trusted to support your mental health needs. I aim to create a comfortable, safe, and collaborative setting that inspires healing.  
4 Years Experience
In-Person in Charleston, SC 29401
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Dr. Stephanie Best LLC

Psychologist, PhD, HSP-P
When we are nurtured, we have the power to soar! I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist on a mission to help high-achieving, anxious, whole-hearted women rediscover their brilliance, by teaching them how to liberate themselves from their fears and move toward what truly matters. At Dr. Stephanie Best LLC, I use a powerful mind-body approach to guide clients in un-hooking from difficult thoughts and feelings, clarifying how they yearn to show up in the world, and developing skills to nurture their wellness so they can thrive! Backed by exceptional training, personal experience, and 20+ years of clinical work, I partner with clients to empower them to create change that is both meaningful and long-lasting. Contact me today if you're ready to start living a courageously authentic life, prioritize your wellness, and reconnect with your purpose!  
14 Years Experience
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Connections Counseling Center

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
Connections Counseling Center is a group of diverse yet like minded therapists who offer counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families dealing with a variety of difficulties. Our counselors have extensive training and experience in a unique approach to counseling that helps people find healing and happiness at the root cause of their anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and more.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in Charleston, SC 29492
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Tessa Trask | Full Circle Wellness

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC
I specialize in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression. My personal philosophy is that we are all already whole. Each of us already possesses the tools we need within to realize our full potential-- what we need to do is look inward. I am passionate about working with motivated clients of all ages, races, genders sexual orientations and religious/spiritual perspectives towards healing from trauma, releasing themselves from the grips of anxiety, depression and chronic stress, and finding joy, direction and purpose in their lives. I use a person-centered and humanistic approach, valuing my relationship with my clients as the most important tool in my practice. My goal is to help my clients attain wellness and balance of the mind, body and spirit in order to live their lives to the fullest.  
8 Years Experience
In-Person in Charleston, SC 29412
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Ashton Burdick

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MA, NCC, LCMHC
I provide a comfortable, nonjudgmental, & supportive space for womxn in their 20-40's to learn skills to manage general/social anxiety and depression by building self-worth, practicing new habits and boundaries, and creating a meaningful life. I also enjoy helping animal care professionals (veterinarians, vet techs, vetmed students, wildlife rehabilitators, etc) combat burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and depression. I incorporate evidenced-based techniques of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), existential counseling, and mindfulness skills from a secular perspective. Online sessions only at this time - available statewide for individuals in North Carolina and South Carolina. No calls please. Visit my website or email today to learn more!  
9 Years Experience
In-Person in Charleston, SC
Online in Charleston, South Carolina

Calm Blue Waters Counseling, PLLC

Counselor/Therapist, NCC, BC-TMH, LCMHC, LPC
Living your life with anxiety and depression can seem overwhelming and hopeless. When your mind gets caught in a downward spiral of negative thoughts, overthinking and worry it can feel impossible to escape. It may have even started affecting your normal day to day life – in school, work, or even your relationships. The feelings of agitation, tension, worry, and guilt prohibit you from moving forward, accomplishing your goals, and being your best. Often times, you may wonder if you’ll ever be yourself again, or if this path of darkness is your new normal. I am also trained in treating adolescents and adults suffering from eating disorder and body image issues. I will work with you to help you get to where you want to be.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Charleston, South Carolina