Dimitri Hawa

Psychologist, Psychologist-BA, BPsycSc (Hons), GradDipProfPsych
Dimitri has a wealth of experience as a psychologist, offering assessment, support, counselling, and psychotherapy services to a diverse clientele that spans children, adolescents, and adults. His expertise encompasses a wide range of psychological counseling domains, including relationship counseling, grief, stress management, work-related issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, and personal development. Dimitri also specialises in addressing neurodiverse challenges, and excels in facilitating the psychological recovery from trauma, including complex trauma presentations related to issues such as childhood and adult abuse, domestic violence, family dysfunction, childhood neglect, abandonment/mistrust wounds and attachment difficulties. His professional journey has taken him through various roles, including private practice clinician over several years, school psychologist, and providing telephone counseling for high-risk and vulnerable individuals. Dimitri's experience extends to conducting psychological assessments and offering counselling support to Victims of Crime through (VOCAT), clients associated with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Workcover clients, and those covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and has previously provided psychological support within prison settings. Dimitri is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), holding Registration number PSY0001684002. He is also a registered Medicare Service Provider and is qualified to assist clients covered by Worksafe, DVA, NDIS, and TAC.  
8 Years Experience
In-Person in Spotswood, VIC 3015
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Counselling and Psychotherapy Yarraville

Counsellor/Therapist, PhD, MEd, BEd, BA, Dip T, Dip Counselling, Dip Hypnotherapy
I provide very successful anxiety treatment, especially for people who have had to stop driving on freeways due to panic, or those who avoid social situations because of social anxiety. I provide specialist help to overcome public speaking anxiety and for people who have OCD. I also work with people to resolve relationship issues and I offer specialised help to people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Call 0417379684 for your FREE 15 minute consultation.  
20 Years Experience
In-Person Near Spotswood, VIC
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Dr Poppy Edwards, Illume Psychology

Psychologist, BA (Hons), DPsych (Forensic), MPsych (Clinical)
Illume Psychology is a boutique psychology practice that offers a nurturing space to meaningfully and collaboratively work through your inner troubles and the complexity of life's concerns. We work with adults and adolescents to support mental health, wellbeing and enrich lives. Our beautifully appointed consulting rooms are conveniently located amongst cafes, shops and gardens in the Hawthorn Auburn Village precinct and near St Kilda beach.  
12 Years Experience
In-Person Near Spotswood, VIC
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Anthony M Cichello, Registered Clinical Psychologist

Psychologist, M.Psych(Clinical); B.Sc(Hons)
I am an eight year trained Registered Clinical Psychologist with 30 years' experience of helping the community. My postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology enables me to provide effective treatments for mental health disorders and problems in adults, couples therapy and issues with sexuality.  
38 Years Experience
In-Person Near Spotswood, VIC
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Ilana Grosman

Registered Psychotherapist
Are you feeling a little lost in this wild and complex world? Did you think you would be somewhere else by now or more sure of things? Do you sometimes experience overwhelm, apathy, anxiety in your daily life? Do you struggle to feel safe and seen in your relationships (intimate / non-intimate)? Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself, your purpose and those around you? Do you long for more fulfilment in work, relationships, day to day? Do you need an injection of inspiration and motivation to discover your best self and to live your best life unashamedly and wholeheartedly? I'm here to help. Contact me to arrange a free 15 minute intro chat.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

YouBeYou Therapy

Registered Psychotherapist
We work together through your present experiences, supporting you to understand, love and care for the parts of you that may be stuck in the past, in pain or isolated. I bring experience from my years of working in facilitation, group work and therapy to be with you as you connect in with all parts of yourself. We can use these sessions to be deeply curious about the truth you have stored deep within your being. I believe we all hold the answers to the questions that can hold us back, keep us small and stuck in a life that doesn't bring us true happiness. My style of being works alongside your own brilliance to co-create the session that you need.  
4 Years Experience
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Dr Shikha Gray

Psychologist, PhD, MPsych(Couns)
Dr Shikha Gray tailors therapy to you, whether you come to therapy as an individual or a couple. She has been rigorously trained in a range of therapy techniques and methods, which she uses based on your unique needs, hopes and wishes. In particular, Shikha is passionate about helping people develop deeper insight into their presenting problems, gain self-acceptance and make the changes they desire in their internal, external and relational world. Please visit Shikha's website ( for more information about her qualifications, training and approach to therapy.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Mairead Cleary

Registered Psychotherapist, Masters in Gestalt Therapy
I believe in creating a safe space that holds your experience and your personal story so that you have the freedom to explore whatever comes up. Using somatic (body-based) methods, I support you to find your own strength and inner resources.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Dr Julian Thompson

Psychologist, BSci (Hons), GradDPsych, PGradDPsych, DPsych (Clinical), MAPS
My focus is on creating a comfortable space for my clients, so we can work together and clearly understand the client's issues and needs. I really want meaningful change for my clients, and every person's experience is unique and important. My goal is for clients to feel respected and heard, and to feel that they are getting what they need out of therapy. I offer in-person and online therapy sessions.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person Near Spotswood, VIC
Online in Spotswood, Victoria

Alexina Baldini

Psychologist, B.B.Sc., G.D.A.C.P., M.Psych.(For.), F.A.P.S.
Specialising in trauma recovery particularly after workplace situations that have prompted workers compensation claims, I also provide investigation services using forensic psychology knowledge and skills. My background in training and workplace cultural change assists individual support services.  
37 Years Experience
In-Person Near Spotswood, VIC
Online in Spotswood, Victoria