Accepting Change

Is it consistency that secures the human mind and its emotional stability; then why is one challenged by change? Isn’t change consistent as the timing of the clock. Time doesn’t stop as it is consistent in changes moment by moment. So why do we not cope with change and why is change such a difficult time for us when it comes around? Isn’t time the consistency of life? Then, why do life changes create emotional struggle?
As we develop from infancy into adolescence, to adulthood, we are taught that pattern and structure and repeating daily habits will make us secure. Because we did not learn from our nurturer to welcome the process of change, we can feel lost in the journey of life. So we search and seek, as we grow to stability to bring emotional security. Yet, when an unexpected change comes around it shakes us up just a bit. The discomforts of change. Perhaps change in life patterns must be learned as a comfort zone.
What about those of us who had structured routine/ pattern as we developed?
How is unexpected change coped with? Do struggle from emotional instability translated into anxiety and anger for the disruption?
The Path to Emotional Wisdom is Emotional Freedom. This must be the lesson for accepting change. Life has no consistency but only with the change of time.
Emotional Freedom will save one from the emotional trauma as well as, what is socially imposed.