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Santa Ana, California therapist: Mary Knoblock, hypnotherapist
Men’s Issues

Mary Knoblock

Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Duke Certified Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor
Using hypnosis and RTT along with health coaching, we can work through a myriad of men's health issues and help you with your health goals.  
9 Years Experience
Surrey, British Columbia therapist: Aaron Chin, licensed mental health counselor
Men’s Issues

Aaron Chin

Licensed Mental Health Counsellor, MA, RCC
When working with men's issues, I like to start with some mindfulness around the issue to gain a deeper understanding of the experience, from here there are many options, and I rely of the client's wisdom to guide me.  
2 Years Experience
Colombo, Western Province therapist: Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS

Psychologist, Ph.D.(Applied Psychology), Dh.C.(Florida), FRSPH(UK), FACCPH(UK), FTBCCT(UK), Adv.Dip.(Psychiatry), Adv.Dip.(Clinical Psychology), Adv.Dip.(Neuroscience), Dip.CBT(UK), Dip.(Couples Therapy), Dip.(Hypnotherapy), Dip.(Relationship Psychology), Dip.(Nutrition Science), Cert.(Integrative Mental Health)
I treat men's issues using the client-centered approach, CBT and hypnotherapy.  
18 Years Experience
Cave Creek, Arizona therapist: Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder, life coach
Men’s Issues

Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder

Life Coach
This specialty addresses challenges unique to men, such as societal expectations, relationship dynamics, and emotional expression. I provide a safe space for men to explore these issues and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Embark on your journey to manage men's issues by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation, where we'll discuss personalized treatment strategies.  
21 Years Experience
Toronto, Ontario therapist: Transforming Emotions, psychologist
Men’s Issues

Transforming Emotions

Have you been taught that being 'strong' means not showing feelings of sadness, fear, vulnerability, or confusion? Do you often suffer in silence? Do you struggle to manage feelings or behaviours that are getting in the way of feeling good, of taking care of your health, or of connecting to loved ones? Men’s mental health challenges often go undetected. Men are less likely than women to reach out for mental health support, are more likely to die by suicide, and are less likely to benefit from early intervention. If you are struggling with feelings, behaviours, or thoughts that are hard to talk about, call us today and experience the relief of sharing your burdens with someone who is trained to help, not to judge.  
17 Years Experience
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