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Kitchener, Ontario therapist: Wise Path Therapy, registered psychotherapist
Christian Counseling

Wise Path Therapy

Registered Psychotherapist, Joshua Ribalkin, MA, MA, RP
I am comfortable and have experience working with individuals who hold a Christian perspective and am a Christian myself. I understand how important one's religious views are to their every day functioning and happiness. I hope to help clients to connect with and better understand how their Christian views affect the quality of their lives.  
3 Years Experience
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Burlington, Ontario therapist: Michelle Directo, registered psychotherapist
Christian Counseling

Michelle Directo

Registered Psychotherapist, MDiv, RP, ExA
Your spirituality is an integral part of who you are. Are you wrestling with some of your Christian beliefs and values? We can integrate some of the theological principles that may lead to everyday life struggles and help you navigate through these spiritual concerns. We will explore the mind, body, and spirit, to help you gain self-awareness holistically. This includes attempting to build a secure attachment with God.  
6 Years Experience
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Toronto, Ontario therapist: Ojasvi Bhardwaj, registered psychotherapist
Christian Counseling

Ojasvi Bhardwaj

Registered Psychotherapist, RP (Qualifying)
For many Christians it can be beneficial to their success in therapy to have a therapist that holds an understanding and respect for their religious and spiritual beliefs. While I do not offer Christian counseling services, at our clinic Psychotherapy Collective, one of our therapists Sarah works with Christian clients to combine evidence based psychotherapeutic techniques with piety, humility, forgiveness, faith development, spiritual development, and community. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Sarah to see if she is a good fit for your journey  
2 Years Experience
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Toronto, Ontario therapist: Alison Duyck, licensed clinical social worker
Christian Counseling

Alison Duyck

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW, RSW
The counselling I offer is based on Christian values and beliefs. I will respect your perspective and there will be no inappropriate influence on your spiritual beliefs. If you would like to discuss your spiritual beliefs, please let me know.  
12 Years Experience
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Simcoe, Ontario therapist: Sofia Schuringa, counselor/therapist
Christian Counseling

Sofia Schuringa

Counsellor/Therapist, B.A. Psych, ADMH, RHC, RHNC
If you are looking for a Christian perspective in the counselling space, we offer this by incorporating prayer, scripture and inner healing.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Edmonton, Alberta