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Pleasant Hill, California therapist: Rubino Counseling Services, therapist
Autism and Asperger's

Rubino Counseling Services

Therapist, PhD, MA
I received training at Children’s Mental Health from a clinician who specializes in Autism. I have been treating Autistic children for over 20?years. I have had great success working with the child, family and school. I am qualified as an expert by the Court.  
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San Francisco, California therapist: Stephen B. Lewis Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist
Autism and Asperger's

Stephen B. Lewis Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist, CHt
My approach to clients with Autism and Asperger's is to discover what their strengths and interests are and to use those as jumping off points to create a hypnotic experience where they feel successful and engaged. I view each client as an individual and not a label, and the more I learn about their unique skills and interests the more I can tailor each session to keep them engaged.  
6 Years Experience
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San Francisco, California therapist: James Norwood, psychologist
Autism and Asperger's

James Norwood

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist
Autism and Aspergers represent a wide range of experiences that share some overarching themes. While many Autism and Asperger's specialists focus on teaching skills, one of the most prominent challenges reported by those experiencing these diagnoses is that they feel distant, out-of-touch, or alienated from the larger social milieu. I attempt to work with the more fundamental issues underpinning this alienation so that patients not only learn skills to "perform" better socially, but ultimately feel less alienated from themselves and others through a greater appreciation of the intricacies of relationships.  
9 Years Experience
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Guilford, Connecticut therapist: Andrew Vogl, therapist
Autism and Asperger's

Andrew Vogl

Therapist, BCBA
Early in my career, I fell in love with helping individuals on the autism spectrum. After so many years of staying on this path, I feel extremely comfortable in helping them with whatever is thrown my way.  
24 Years Experience
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Los Angeles, California therapist: Jillian Luz, marriage and family therapist
Autism and Asperger's

Jillian Luz

Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT, ATR
I have experience working with autistic children, teens, and adults. I conceptualize autism under the neurodiversity umbrella and do not view autism itself as something that needs to be "fixed", but rather understood. I strive to support my autistic clients in feeling empowered in how to best support any sensory or social-related issues they may experience. I also support clients in identifying and supporting any anxious and/or depressive symptoms that may be the result of unidentified autism in a neurotypical dominant world.  
8 Years Experience
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