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Royal Oak, Michigan therapist: Niyama Center (Aceepting new clients this week), licensed clinical social worker
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Niyama Center (Aceepting new clients this week)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LMSW
We use EMDR to work with you and heal  
9 Years Experience
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Southfield, Michigan therapist: Barbara J. Biggs, professional christian counselor
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Barbara J. Biggs

Professional Christian Counselor, M.A., LLPC
Are you trapped in a cycle of emotional abuse, struggling to break free from its toxic grip? Barbara J. Biggs is a compassionate therapist specializing in helping individuals heal from emotional abuse, rebuild their self-esteem, and regain control over their lives. Having experience working with survivors of emotional abuse, I possess the knowledge and skills to guide you through the complexities of this deeply painful experience. Recognizing that every survivor's journey is unique, I will tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the individualized support and care you deserve. I will help you learn strategies to cope with the scars of emotional abuse, rebuild your self-esteem, and rediscover your inner strength. Tranquility Christian Counseling provides a safe and empathetic space for you to heal and grow. We offer a nurturing, non-judgmental environment where you can explore your experiences, express your emotions, and begin the process of healing. Through collaborative therapy, I will help you reclaim your sense of self, establish healthy boundaries, and embark on a path towards a life free from the lasting effects of emotional abuse. You will be able to take the courageous steps toward healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. Embrace the opportunity to break free from the chains of emotional abuse and rediscover your worth and potential.  
11 Years Experience
In-Person in Southfield, MI 48075
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Farmington Hills, Michigan therapist: Laura S Mindell, licensed professional counselor
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Laura S Mindell

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
Staying in tune to our natural, authentic self and cultivates inner peace and overall well-being while healing from past trauma. Revitalize Counseling bases its practice on providing excellent clinical care with a holistic perspective by nurturing a client’s mind, body and spirit to restore life balance. Through theoretical approaches as well as incorporating integrative therapies such as but not limited to guided meditation, mindfulness, adventure therapy (nature walks), art and music therapy, and journaling clients are guided on the journey towards the life they desire  
10 Years Experience
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Plymouth, Michigan therapist: Transformational Choices, therapist
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Transformational Choices

With a plethora of therapists on our team we have the ability to meet many needs including Emotional Abuse Therapy. We will be able to fit you with a therapist who will meet you wherever you are on your journey. We are here to serve you.  
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Brighton, Michigan therapist: Josh Murray- Hopeful Minds, psychologist
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Josh Murray- Hopeful Minds

Psychologist, MA, LLP
Emotional abuse is when one person in a relationship uses their power in the relationship to shame, blame, criticize, frighten, belittle, or control another person. This may happen through words and/or behaviors. It may start small, and escalate over time. Emotional abuse is highly correlated to other types of abuse, but can also occur as the only form of abuse in the relationship. All relationships have conflict at times. Emotional abuse is far from normal conflict and involves an imbalance of power and an attempt to control. Experiencing emotional abuse can have serious consequences for the victim/survivor. The effects can range from internal (such as depression) to external (such as difficulties in interpersonal relationships).1 The type of effects depends on many variables, including, but not limited to, the individual’s own constitution and resiliency, the abuse experienced, the victim’s past experiences, and their support system. Dealing with emotional abuse, both during and after the relationship, can be tremendously difficult. Emotional abuse can erode your sense of self, making it harder to trust your own judgment. Help from a mental health professional is key.  
2 Years Experience
In-Person Near Southfield, MI
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