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Minnetonka, Minnesota therapist: Dr. Mary L. Hendrickson, psychologist

Dr. Mary L. Hendrickson

Psychologist, Psy.D.,LP
Ending a relationship can be full of so many difficult and painful feelings. The end of a marital relationship is a loss. Even if it is a choice you are comfortable with making for yourself, the ending of what was can bring up many feelings from the past, present and future. Therapy can be helpful in sorting out all your feelings and allow you to move on with a better understanding your past marital relationship and allow yourself to be able to establish new relationships.  
29 Years Experience
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Minnetonka, Minnesota therapist: Peg Roberts, marriage and family therapist

Peg Roberts

Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
I have worked with hundreds of couples and offer hope and restoration. It takes work on both partner's part, but healing can happen. My hope is to save the marriage, regardless of the hurt and betrayal.  
25 Years Experience
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Wayzata, Minnesota therapist: Shelly Melroe, marriage and family therapist

Shelly Melroe

Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT
Finding yourself on the backside of divorce, you may feel defeated, overwhelmed, and running on autopilot disconnected from the life right in front of you. Unfortunately, most people solve this by running quickly into another relationship with the same dysfunctional patterns on TOP of the wounds and baggage that brought from the past. At Rhythm For Living, Shelly will work with you at the roots of the emotional pain to first heal and restore from the trauma of divorce which may be interconnected with earlier life trauma effects. Once you find post-divorce growth, you can better integrate your thinking and feeling down a path towards finding and being in a healthy relationship rather than one that repeats the conflict or codependent patterns of the past.  
6 Years Experience
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St. Louis Park, Minnesota therapist: Peg Beattie MA, LPCC, licensed professional counselor

Peg Beattie MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPCC
Helping the client sort out what they want  
19 Years Experience
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Burnsville, Minnesota therapist: Best Hope Counseling, marriage and family therapist

Best Hope Counseling

Marriage and Family Therapist, Larry Baumgartner, LMFT
SOLUTIONS for Divorce in Minnesota & Florida. On the brink of divorce, just signed the papers or starting a new life as Single? Whether it is any of those or others... many emotions, thoughts, feelings and uncertainty are certainly going through your head. What is next for you? You will get through this. Contact me so I can walk with you through this new journey. Let's talk SOLUTIONS.  
8 Years Experience
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