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Green Bay Comprehensive Treatment Center

Treatment Center
The Green Bay Comprehensive Treatment Center offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to helping individuals address opioid addiction. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals provide individualized care tailored to meet each client’s unique needs utilizing a combination of medication, counseling, and support services. We prioritize patient safety and comfort, and strive to provide the highest quality of care and support to our clients. If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid addiction, please reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you on your journey to recovery.  
17 Years Experience
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Appleton Comprehensive Treatment Center

Treatment Center
We offer a comprehensive range of services to help individuals struggling with opioid addiction. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals provide medication-assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, and peer support services. Our goal is to help individuals achieve long-term abstinence from opioid use and build a healthier, more fulfilling life. We understand addiction is a complex and multi-faceted disease and use a comprehensive approach to provide our clients with the best possible care. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals find the best path to recovery and we are committed to providing the highest quality of care. If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, we invite you to contact us today and learn more about the services we can provide.  
20 Years Experience
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Red Cedar Psychology LLC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Red Cedar Psychology LLC specializes in trauma therapy and helping people recover from painful life experiences. Erin's hope for clients is more than symptom reduction; she wants to see you move beyond surviving to finding a place in which you are thriving. Multiple trauma treatments offered including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  
7 Years Experience
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Dan Walinsky

Psychologist, PhD
Thanks for stopping to look at my page! I am a licensed psychologist who loves to work with clients who are working through life changes, issues related to identity, career and work issues, anxiety and depression, relationship experiences among monogamous, poly/ENM/CNM people, LGBTQIA+ clients, and more. For both those who are new to therapy, and those who've had lots of experience, I try to build a supportive, respectful, and compassionate environment where we have the opportunity to explore solutions to problems as they uniquely impact your life.  
1 Years Experience
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Michelle Peacock

Psychologist, PhD
We will work together to help you make positive changes to your life—healthier, more stable, productive and fulfilling! With each of my clients, I work to build a relationship based in trust and authenticity where you can feel both safe and challenged—safe knowing you can talk openly and will be heard and understood, not judged, but also challenged to make the changes you want to make. Making those changes is more likely when you find a therapist who is empathetic—someone with whom you can connect and trust. Your full potential is always within reach and a therapeutic relationship based in sincere, empathetic, and authentic dialogue is healing. Call me today for a free, phone consultation and get started on a better and brighter present and future.  
18 Years Experience
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