Never Stop Touching Words of Kindness.
Never stop kissing a good morning kiss, holding hands, a good night kiss.

Always mean what you say and say what you mean; kindly. Always maintain eye-to-eye contact. Read the soul.

In your discussions avoid using the words, “Always and Never.” Unless, it is, Never stop kissing, Always be kind. Touch skin to skin, hold hands.

Consider not only what you say to your partner, but how the information is delivered; kindly.

Always greet the other with a touch of a kiss, when coming home. It doesn’t matter who reaches out first. Remember that the male and female are species and the genetic roles are different. Respect and value them. You are equal, however, you are different.

Walk the journey together, not fused, yet, side by side.

Nurture the other, one extra step. If you know their soul has been troubled in the past, help them honor their past. Listen with love.

You have earned what you have learned. You have earned choice. You have learned insight, compassion, empathy and safety. Apply them.

Bring them into the marriage with your love.

Discuss the future yet live the present and the moment.

The importance of human touch is to keep the marriage bonded.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds –

Or if it does, it only does so indirectly. We cannot run from our past. If we run from our past we are running from ourselves.

Marriage and the love, can and will reduce some of a partner’s painful past events. However, events can retain their emotional power over the years unless they are re-evaluated. You are now one, yet walking side by side.

Love and the human touch is a large part of cherishing and healing hurt, which might have carried over in the marriage. It is a love commitment to help the other be the best that they can be.

Holding your partner’s hands can sync brainwaves, sharing to ease pain, study have shown. Studies have shown that partners holding hands with a partner in pain, their brain waves sync and the pain is reduced. The more the brain waves sync the more pain will go away.

Couples in love must keep holding hands, touches of affection, eye contact, kissing, giving each other one minute shoulder massages, look into each other’s eyes, step outside together and look at the stars. Comb each other’s hair and smile at each other.

The human touch is the heart and soul to marriage.

Dr. Claire Vines PsyD.