How much are you willing to sacrifice, to pay, to know that you can live a life without nicotine? How do you do you decide that?

Answer these questions –

How much do you pay for a pack of cigarettes? $ _____

How much do you smoke a day? A pack of cigarettes is 20 cigarettes. Do you smoke all of them from wake up to go to sleep? Half? 25%? 75%?  Decide (truthfully of course) how much do you smoke?

What brand? And mostly, what is the mg of nicotine you are taking in with each cigarette? (multiplied by how many you smoke?)

Formula  – Cost of Cigarettes $___ x how much you smoke a day x 365 days = your yearly minimum budget you set aside for cigarettes that are doing nothing other than hurting your health.

Nicotine is a neurotoxin – A cigarette – look at them like they are serial killers.
Have you ever looked up the chemicals in a cigarette? Understand that the tobacco companies are under no obligation or requirement to disclose what goes into a cigarette. The information found is from independent, other than tobacco companies, findings.

How do pesticides get into tobacco? (the tobacco leaf is sprayed with insecticides … harsh ones, too.

What about the other chemicals? Preservatives like formaldehyde? Cadmium, acetone, of course there is also nicotine, tar (yellow and sticky) – and hundreds more – That filter at the end of your cigarette is only eliminating a very small percentage.

The tobacco companies  NEED you to smoke for their bottom line – ROI – You invest and they get the return.

Checking out my page on Smoking Cessation at –

may help you with your decision to quit. It is the single best thing you can do for yourself.

If you want MORE information, while you decide – I highly recommend reading Allan Carr’s book “The Easy Way To Stop Smoking” he has several versions and they all have the same information (Including the updated version that has information about quitting vaping)

Realize – Smokers are not a protected class – People will always discriminate against the smoker – even smokers will discriminate.

My program can help and just a phone call can determine if you are ready. I will ask you a bunch of questions to help you decide if you are ready. Some of that are on my website page (link above).

Cigarettes are senseless – I mean you are putting smoke into your lungs – Addictive – etc …

I can boast a health 90% success rate for those who wish to quit smoking and are ready.  I want to help put the tobacco companies out of business, one smoker at a time and I have well over 300 clients who have come to me in the past, nearly 6 years, who have done just that … quit – are smoke free – never to return to it, again!

I use the amazing tool of Hypnosis to help YOU change that aspect within your subconscious mind from smoker to smoke free.

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