Cedar Crest Hospital & Residential Treatment Center

Treatment Center
Located in Central Texas, the 33-acre Cedar Crest Hospital and Residential Treatment Center in Belton offers high-quality behavioral healthcare and support services. We provide evidence-based, quality behavioral healthcare for children, teens, adults, and older adults and their families.  
36 Years Experience
In-Person Near Temple, TX

Chandra Brandt

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, NCC
As a recent transplant from Colorado to Texas, I am always up for being outside and enjoying the hot weather! In my free time, you can usually find me spending the day with my beautiful daughter, paddle boarding/swimming, doing yoga, checking out great restaurants or frequenting concerts/local live music.  
11 Years Experience
Online in Temple, Texas

Ami Evans

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC-S
I enjoy helping people in their relationships identify the issues and the problematic patterns and instill hope for change. I want to give you the support you need and the solutions along the way. I will be a guide in the preparation for marriage, strengthening your marriage, or healing from betrayal and divorce. Counseling can give you the clarity you are looking for. Let me help you find your way.  
14 Years Experience
Online in Temple, Texas

Wynne Shaw

Counselor/Therapist, M.Ed., LPC-S
Raising kids today is challenging. Every family has struggles and more parents than ever find they need help to meet these challenges and keep their families on track and their kids thriving. I provide a safe environment for you and your family to explore your struggles and find hope and healing.  
29 Years Experience
Online in Temple, Texas

Dr. Qatana Samanen

Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
When clients come to me, they are experts on their problems. My job is to help them identify and work toward the solutions. My clients become experts on what they can do to enjoy life more. I feel privileged to be part of a process that empowers people to transform their lives for the better.  
36 Years Experience
Online in Temple, Texas