Dr. Joan Samuel-Dennis (She/Her)

Registered Psychotherapist
Most people come to therapy for 2 reasons: First, whether they are conscious of it or not, they feel unsafe. Second, this lack of safety, forces them to act in ways that create disharmony and conflict with the people they value and love the most. At the Becoming Institute, we know SAFE therapy works by the 37 rule. A safe therapist knows that traumatic responses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, burnout, anger, and interpersonal conflict require a holistic and multi-phased approach that attends to your unique mind-body-spirit response to 3 significant moments in your life. In just 3 sessions, we will end your pain and ensure you feel safe again. In 7 sessions, we will give you the tools and the insights to bring every relationship into a stage of peace and harmony. Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We guarantee a 100% client success rate, or your therapy is on us. We specialize in quickly resolving depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other traumatic responses. Our therapists have been trained a highly effective technique that combines a powerful forgiveness process with 8 other psycho-therapeutic modalities. Our 5-step process regulates your nervous system and creates a strong sense of safety and belonging. This is what one of our client Naomi had to say. "From the very first session, we delved right in. In just 90 minutes of the Becoming Method, I gained more self-awareness than in 18 months of weekly therapy with four previous counsellors." If you're yearning for a happy, healthy life, take the first step now—reach out for a free 30-minute consultation. https:calendly.comjsdennis2000the-mindful-fitness-program

Client Focus

Session Format: Couple, Family, Individual sessions.
Age Specialty: Adult, Teen, Young Adult
Demographic Expertise: Black / African American, Christian clients.

Treatment Approach

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Education & Credentials

Dr. Joan Samuel-Dennis
  • Female
  • License # 99-1441-7
  • Licensed in Ontario
  • Practicing Since 2009


  • Average Session Fee $150
  • Accepts Insurance

Dr. Joan Samuel-Dennis Practice Details

Therapy Sessions Dr. Joan Samuel-Dennis Practice Description
We are a movement calling for every individual and community of African Descent to begin their trauma recovery Journey. We at the Becoming Institute are on a journey that is eloquently expressed by 3 words: Healing, Transformation, and Liberation. We are a purpose-driven organization where our values move beyond words to become the heartbeat of our organization and reflect our vision to Educate, Empower, and Mobilize the great healers of the 21st century. Equipped with the Becoming Method™, our practitioners aim to create profound healing experiences for individuals and communities. By offering transformative therapeutic interventions, we work towards creating a healthier and more empowered society. We are a Black-led, Black-focused, and Black-serving organization, that is committed to empowering Black individuals to create therapeutic methods tailored to our unique experiences. We firmly believe that truth, forgiveness, and reconciliation pave the way for genuine healing and restorative justice. Our approach integrates intuitive and indigenous ways of Black knowing and being with the science of coregulation and evolving consciousness, offering trauma recovery specialists a technique and process that boasts a remarkable 100% client success rate.

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