Bzzzz! Beep Beep! Ding!

Our attention is being pulled into so many different directions.  There are so many notifications grabbing our attention. Work deadlines looming. Traffic after work. Dinner needs to be made. Our energy is being diverted in so many different ways. The way to sustain and be at your highest self is…self-care.

Self-care is the buzz word of the year. What really is it?

By definition, self-care is the active and intentional ritual of taking care of your needs in order to safeguard your wellness and ultimately your mental peace. People mistake self-care with massages, spa dates, and highly expensive days of relaxation. In all reality self-care is always within reach. What are activities you do enjoy doing that give you joy.

Painting nails, reading a book, talking with a friend, watching a movie, laughing are just some of the few self-care activities you could participate in to regain the energy you give while participating in day-to-day activities.  Most of those events are free!

Self-care does require balance. Self-care is the balancing act that enables you to sustain in all spheres of your life, including social, professional, and personal.

Benefits to self-care are limitless:

  • Increased enjoyment in life
  • The ability to be in true connection with people
  • Decreases burnout
  • Better equipped to handling stressful events
  •  More energy
  • Job satisfaction
  • Gain perspective – better prioritizing of tasks
  • Model self care for others
  • Enjoy all aspects of life
  • Increase in happiness
  • Mental and physical health benefits
  • Delight in healthy relationships

Give attention to things that are in your realm of control. Set boundaries. Be present and mindful. Journaling. Recognize your own strength. These are wonderful examples of emotional self-care.

Remember, your self-care hygiene is as unique to you as you are!

  • You know what your own wellness and happiness requires
  • You have everything we need to create a self-sustaining well-lived self-care routine.

Self-care is the antidote for being the best you and maintaining the energy needed for life. Self-care is love and you can’t take care of anyone unless until you take care of yourself first. Create your own tools for your self-care plan. Try your best and give yourself grace when it comes to self-care.

Take care,