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Counselor/Therapist, Registered Therapist/Certified Coach - RSSW, AAC, CEBC, CAE
 therapist: Sexuality & ADhD Solutions,
Online in Ontario, Quebec
Having ADHD/ASD myself, I started my practice in 2013, with the passion to empower those with different brains to learn management skills that work for their specific issues. Within a few years, I realized there was a big need to understand that ADHD is an executive function malfunction and it does impacting our sexuality. Our struggle with creating and maintaining boundaries, will definitely impact how we make choices throughout our life, including our sexual choices. Did you know there is a higher rate of sexual issues among people with ADHD? I had to overcome many. Since then, my passion has becomes stronger with each client who overcomes their blocks and hurts, and sets themself up for success, whatever that meant to them. I am honoured to do this unique work that changes people's lives in major ways. There is nothing more important than being heard, seen, and supported. I UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES!

Client Focus

Session Format: Couple, Individual sessions.
Age Specialty: Adult
Demographic Expertise: Black / African American, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Hispanic / Latino, Jewish, LDS/Mormon, LGBTQ+, Men, Middle Eastern, Military / Veterans, Muslim, Native American, Pacific Islander, Persons with Disabilities, Sikh, Women clients.
Languages: French and English

Treatment Approach

  • Art Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Compassion Focus Therapy
  • Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Interpersonal
  • Somatic
Approach Description: - Strength based, empathetic, bold, solution focused, and not necessarily conventional methods are the foundation of my practice. - I use Accelerated Evolution to process and explore when clients feel lost, blocked, or overwhelmed. Results occur within one to three sessions. - First we focus on healing your hurts, then on improving your communication skills with yourself and others, and if you choose to, we will work on enhancing your sexual awareness. - For those seeking to be sexually empowered, we will dive into the various sexual patterns and discover yours, how to heal it, speak it, feed it, and more. Singles and couples benefit greatly from somatic sexual learning. You will also discover what to look for to select/attract the partner that is right for you. -When working with couples, I prefer to see you together twice a month and individually once a month. Confidentiality is of utmost importance and not even a partner, married or not, has the right to any of your information. - You will receive a brief summary after each session with next steps. - Feel free to book a brief consult here

Education & Credentials

Sexuality & ADhD Solutions Registered Therapist/Certified Coach - RSSW, AAC, CEBC, CAE
  • Female
  • License # 802134
  • Licensed in Ontario
  • Practicing Since 2013
Education: I have a BA and a BEd. I was an elementary school teacher for over 15 yrs. When I became a Certified ADHD Coach and Registered Therapist in 2013, I worked with children and families impacted by ADHD. I added sexuality and healing modalities to my practice in 2018.


  • Average Session Fee 300
  • Accepts Insurance
  • Most insurance companies in Ontario will reimburse. In other provinces some companies do and some don't.

Sexuality & ADhD Solutions Practice Details

Therapy Sessions
  • Available Online for residents of Ontario, Quebec
  • Online Therapy Details: I mostly use Zoom, and have used a variety of different platforms depending on my client's capabilities and confidentiality needs.
Sexuality & ADhD Solutions Practice Description
I work with singles and couples anywhere in the world. Some have ADHD and some don't. I am mostly non-conventional. I use Accelerated Evolution methods to help people heal. I have a variety of processes to choose from to empower clients, depending on their needs. Not all are listed here. I am straight forward and will call you out if need be. I provide a listening ear, team work, empathy, and accountability. You will be given action steps to implement in your day to day life. I am available for support and guidance throughout the week if you need it. I have 3 main programs: 1. Free Your ADHD for those who only want to work on learning how to manage their specific ADHD issues. We will look at every executive function and you will be able to select the ones you are struggling with. 2. Relationship Repair & Renew Kit for those who want to work on their relationship - some don't have any ADHD issues and some do. We begin with finding and healing the hurts/resentments, improving communication, and enhancing your sexual awareness for more connection and intimacy. I prefer to see you together twice a month, and individually once a month at first. Confidentiality is of utmost importance and not even a partner, married or not, has the right to any of your information. 3. Premarital Empowerment for those preparing to live together or get married. It is great to set yourself up for an amazing, fun life long partnership/marriage. I work with straight and same sex couples. - I offer a special deal every month on my website - I prefer to create programs with my clients rather than working session to session. I can offer more value and consistency in programs. - In each program, we explore who you are and what you really want, then together we create a plan to achieve those goals. You will receive a brief summary of our sessions and next steps. You will receive an agreement with everything you can expect in writing. - If you want to change your life, you have to do things differently. There will be small steps weekly to implement for those changes to happen. You will be given the time needed to make those changes. - Feel free to book a brief consult here. You may have to copy/paste -

Practice Overview

Available online
11 Years Experience
Couple, Individual

Office Hours

8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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