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Wetaskiwin, Alberta therapist: Lorna Barnes, Oak Tree Counselling, licensed professional counselor
Eating Disorders

Lorna Barnes, Oak Tree Counselling

Licensed Professional Counsellor, CT, CPC
Eating disorders can develop when a child lacks validation, nurture and support and when they've experienced bullying, neglect or abuse. Counselling will look to validate and build self-worth, to encourage clients to find an accountability partner, to get medical care, and possibly a treatment program specializing in eating disorders.  
21 Years Experience
Santa Ana, California therapist: Mary Knoblock, hypnotherapist
Eating Disorders

Mary Knoblock

Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Duke Certified Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor
I work with clients to find root causes of their eating disorders and help them get better. I’m specializing in eating disorders currently and am seeing fantastic results with using RTT Rapid Transformation Therapy for eating disorders. It can lead to greater appetite around meal time, increased coping skills and feeling less anxious about food.  
9 Years Experience
Colombo, Western Province therapist: Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS, psychologist
Eating Disorders

Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS

Psychologist, Ph.D.(Applied Psychology), Dh.C.(Florida), FRSPH(UK), FACCPH(UK), FTBCCT(UK), Adv.Dip.(Psychiatry), Adv.Dip.(Clinical Psychology), Adv.Dip.(Neuroscience), Dip.CBT(UK), Dip.(Couples Therapy), Dip.(Hypnotherapy), Dip.(Relationship Psychology), Dip.(Nutrition Science), Cert.(Integrative Mental Health)
I treat eating disorders using CBT and hypnotherapy.  
18 Years Experience
Beverly Hills, California therapist: Karen Queller, art therapist
Eating Disorders

Karen Queller

Art Therapist, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy
I offer a non-judgmental and nurturing environment where individuals struggling with eating disorders can explore their emotions, body image, and relationship with food through creative modalities, fostering self-compassion, self-expression, and healing on their journey.  
5 Years Experience
Hamilton, Ontario therapist: Lindsay Renaud, registered psychotherapist
Eating Disorders

Lindsay Renaud

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), MACP, BA, B.Ed
Do you feel that controlling your eating habits is the only thing you have control over? Do you feel like you're withdrawing from socializing or taking part in your hobbies? Do you find yourself often distracted by food noise? Let's connect for a free 15-minute consultation.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Multiple Canadian Provinces
Calgary, Alberta therapist: Freedom & Hope Counselling and Therapeutic Services, licensed professional counselor
Eating Disorders

Freedom & Hope Counselling and Therapeutic Services

Licensed Professional Counsellor, RPC #3875, CT #2438, LSCC
With extensive training and years of experience, I have engaged in numerous discussions and presentations on this topic. Utilizing the methods of internal family systems therapy, you will be supported and guided. This enables you to effectively address and facilitate healing for the various parts of yourself that are experiencing pain.  
8 Years Experience
In-Person in Calgary, AB T2Z 2W3
In-Person in Calgary, AB T3H 2Z6
Online in Multiple Canadian Provinces
Chilliwack, British Columbia therapist: Kristy Ricard, counselor/therapist
Eating Disorders

Kristy Ricard

Counsellor/Therapist, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), MACP, HBSc
Do you find yourself struggling with eating and food, and how it creates stress or anxiety in your life? Does it feel like food controls you, and you're hoping to regain some of that control in your life back? Claim your free consult to start changing how this feels today.  
2 Years Experience
Oshawa, Ontario therapist: Rachel Brennan, registered psychotherapist
Eating Disorders

Rachel Brennan

Registered Psychotherapist, B.Sc., M.A., Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
Reclaim your life & finally feel at peace with your body and mind. Do you feel like you are... Obsessed with what you eat and tracking your calories? Constantly trying new diets or ways of restricting your food intake? Anxious at the thought of eating in front of others? Stuck in the cycle of binging following by deep feelings of shame? Eating disorders are often rooted in trauma, and as a certified trauma treatment professional we understand the deep work that it takes to treat these disorders. You deserve to feel at peace with yourself and not let your relationship with your body and food control your life. Book a free consult today.  
2 Years Experience
Online in Multiple Canadian Provinces
Edmonton, Alberta therapist: Jorgelina Gill, counselor/therapist
Eating Disorders

Jorgelina Gill

Counsellor/Therapist, B.Sc Psychology | Behaviour Therapist | RTCounsellor
With the psychodynamic approach, the client will know the causes and roots that led him to his problem; for what it is necessary an in-depth analysis of the personality by putting greater focus on the current and past experiences. This will give the client the opportunity to build a new present and future understanding and identifying triggers and own emotions.  
21 Years Experience
In-Person in Edmonton, AB T5M 4C9
Online in Alberta

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