I had the pleasure and blessing of making a trip into Orlando to attend a gathering called “The Send”. The gathering took place in Camping World Stadium in Orlando and was attended by close to 60,000 believers. The event was intended to launch the church from a place of inaction and apathy to reach the lost and dying of the world. From the moment I walked into the stadium, I knew something amazing was going to happen and it did. It wasn’t the spiritual top of the mountain experience that I had hoped for and expected, but more of an internal awakening and awareness that I didn’t even know that I lacked. The experience has made a shift in my life that I believe will have a lasting impact both personally and professionally.

Personally, the experience left me more aware and alert to what I feel God wants for me in my life. I find myself questioning, not day by day, but moment by moment what He would have me do. Many have called my career my ministry, but I now view my life as my ministry. Every moment and every interaction needs to serve as a reflection of his love in action in my life.

On a professional level, I have always felt that I am not capable of healing my clients. I can only direct them to God and he accomplishes what I can not. Later in the evening, after close to eight hours in 85 degree heat, the gathering sang for the spirit to rain down. All day, it had been slightly overcast with light breezes that seemed to hold the heat at bay. In that moment, as we sang, the sky opened up and a light cool rain fell. For me, it was supernatural evidence of God’s caring for his people. His ability to hear and work in our lives was abundantly clear. As amazing as this may sound to you, even in that moment, I didn’t experience any type of euphoria, it was a simple awareness of God’s presence. It was as if I was a child again and my Father had just taken me by the hand. My call as a counselor is to serve as a bridge to this experience for my clients. We all have seasons of time when life is difficult, emotions can be overwhelming and we feel distant from the love and care of God.  My call is to take you by the hand and help you find the hand of God again so you can fulfill your life’s ministry.