Sowing into the noble cause of fostering healthy and strong relationships does empower the people involved with this challenging task. 

A real sense of zeal and well being can come from connecting with another person; There is an ability and motivation to take action in the relationship as well as in other situations; There is an on going sense of growth and knowledge of oneself and the other person; An increased sense of vale and worth; the joy experienced in this connective experience stirs the desire to have additional relationships due to the mutually realized results.

When a relationship is not characterized by this graced connection of mutual empathy and empowerment individuals experience the opposite effects.

An abscence of vitality due to the feeling of being not genuinely connected and alone in the relational experience; Inability  to constructively contribute to the relationship accompanied by a real  sense that constructive correction without the connection will lead to destructive or bad consequences which bring confusion into the  relationship, lessened knowledge of ourselves and others; Diminishing the epowering and empathic component that dynamicly waters the growth; Turning away from others and increased isolation.

Some concepts of Relational Focus Therapy are:

The Relational Connection: The experience of a relationship that is characterized by mutual empathy and mutual empowerment. Individuals are emotionally trusting, accessible and vulnerable.

The Disconnection: The experience of a ruptured relationship. This may occur when there has been hurt, disappointment, or violation.

The Relational Breach or Violation: The experience relational disrespect ,distanting dismissal and demeaning disregard.

Empowered Authenticity: The capacity to fully engage transparency working towards trusting vulnerability with oneself in relationship.

Relational Images: The internal pictures or images  that have been shaped and painted in our heart through  experiences in former relationships . We tend to use these past experiences to draw now assumptions about  present and future relationships. In our deepest desire to make a relational connection we keep large parts of ourselves hidden and out of connective opportunities out of fear.