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Redbird Therapy Centre

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapists
Redbird Therapy Centre is a diverse group of psychotherapists providing mental health services in English and Spanish. We have therapists specializing in depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, addiction, career, gender, and sexuality. We offer low-cost therapy options September to April. We believe change is possible and we're happy to work with you towards those tangible outcomes. We work with individuals (teens & adults), couples, and families, including poly-identified folks. We are an organization committed to high quality, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive approaches. Our therapists are deeply rooted in an empathic approach, focused on supporting you with what matters most to you!  
29 Years Experience
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Gwen Shandroski, Expressive Arts Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist, M.Sc, S-LP(C), R.P.
I help my clients/patients feel comfortable to begin therapy. I have gone through this process as a client and as a therapist many times. Feeling understood and having someone help you take a look at what is going on can be very refreshing and provide some hope. My background in speech-language pathology has prepared me to work with clients who have difficulty expressing themselves. Expressive arts therapy is an alternative way to reach feelings and represent the experience you're having.  
28 Years Experience
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Emma Heutschi

Registered Psychotherapist, M.Ed. Counselling Psychology, Registered Psychotherapist
I will always be sensitive to your needs while we work to deeply understand who you are, what is going on for you, and what you want. I will fully listen to you in a safe place with zero judgement, as we bring awareness to your issues and discover solutions. Feelings of shame, confusion and guilt will be resolved together, as I will challenge your thoughts to develop more balanced thinking and guide you to understand and express your emotions. ​ It takes courage to ask for help, thus I see all clients as strong and capable of change, otherwise they would not be in my office. My commitment is to meet you where you're at and to help you feel safe exploring whatever you're struggling with. I can teach you skills for developing boundaries, regulating your emotions, communicating more effectively, and much more. I will support you to achieve your goals and to build self-compassion and self-reliance. ​  
7 Years Experience
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Art of Therapy

Registered Psychotherapist, Ms. Galbraith, R.P., B.A., Dip. A.T.
Life is not always smooth and you may be feeling powerful emotions that are overwhelming and want to reach out. It may be hard to believe life will be better when right now you feel confused, hopeless and even sad. Please know therapy does not have to be intimidating or difficult. I commend your corage and want to work with you to reach your goals together. My Style of Therapy is a partnership between us where you are respected, not judged, validated and valued. Years of experience counselling many individuals and groups assures we can work together at a comfortable pace. Call or message me to get to know my friendly style and set time for you. Even with difficult sessions, Supportive therapy can assist you in broadening your ideas of yourself -to look within- to gain power, strength and knowledge you can take with you as a gift for your life. Message me today, with subject title "Quiz" for a free quiz to see if art therapy is a good fit.  
22 Years Experience
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Jennifer Ritchie Psychotherapy Services

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, RP, CYW
*Accepting new clients for immediate booking* Life can be hard. Sometimes we find ourselves asking how we got here and sometimes it's hard to know where to start. We just know something doesn't feel right and these feelings can consume and overwhelm us. Perhaps you're experiencing some setbacks or challenges that you're finding difficult to cope with like anxiety, depression, loss, relationship issues, family conflict, or maybe you're just feeling really stuck. It's difficult to put into words how we feel when we don't understand what's really going on in our heads. If it feels like things are falling apart and you're feeling lost or overwhelmed or unable to cope alone, allow me to support you in finding your way back to feeling like you again. Visit my website at for more details or to schedule your first appointment.  
19 Years Experience
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