Breath is such a powerful tool for becoming who we are.

It carries and influences our consciousness. The air inside us, like the breeze, can make leaves dance and glisten, move streams and rivers. It can calm a storm, or start one up. We can slow and elongate our breathing to calm waters. We can bring fuller breaths to cleanse, and break through shut down.

Where we connect to our breath from matters. Breath is intelligent and creative. Our consciousness resides also, in our breath.

Can we connect to our breath from the inside? Breath can locate us in our body. It can help us feel ourselves. And when we do, if we keep breathing, it can help us make it through, to the next moment.

 Breath carries us through time.
Breath can connect us to each other. Syncing up in breath, breathing together, can connect two energy fields. It can allow our exchanges to be more than words. Fuller, and more rested than mental exchanges of information.
Breath can connect us to the earth. To the rhythms of nature and the elements. Can you feel the season change in the air? Can you breathe with the magic of it?
Breath can carry us into our edges. Realms of unknown expansion that we may feel fearful yet to touch. Breath can carry us beyond our habitual patterns.
Breath can help us feel who we are.

In somatic and energetic work, the breath is just one vehicle that supports us to be with all that is here, and open to new, more balanced and creative pathways. 


The breath is magnificent. Can you connect with your breath today?