Hello – Thank you for taking time to read my blog. This is going to give you some insight to what is a Food-Sobriety program? I have talked about quite a bit on my YouTube Channel talk show Most Things Hypnosis (find Central Valley Hypnotherapy) –

Taking the word “Sobriety” meaning ‘ to abstain’ – many relate that word, mostly to alcohol.  Being sober is not a crime nor is it a death sentance – And what are you being sober from? What is it that you are not or are abstaining from or want to? Sometimes it IS alcohol or other drug substance and then it is, well, for me, FOOD … I know we need to eat and I can relate to so many in this predicament of “I have to eat to live ” …oh wait right there .. YES, you have to eat to live – (not “live to eat”) – Eat when hungry, STOP when satisfied.  Wait, what? But, breakfast is in the morning and lunch at noon (ish) and dinner at 5 (or 6) and 9pm snack time and and and …. Woooooe there … pull back your reigns and consider this – Why after eating the most delicious plate of spaghetti do we want more? You just had a normal amount, it was amazing, spiced just right, pasta cooked perfect – why do we want seconds? Why? It isn’t because we are hungry … The hungry happened prior to starting to eat – We want seconds BECAUSE IT TASTES GOOD … That’s it ..

And think about this – it only tastes good until you swallow and those few seconds of no ‘taste’ is your withdrawal until and for the begging of another bite.

Ever had a time when you enjoyed the meal so much, it tasted so delicious, and there was no more … you were in an immediate type of withdrawal -  You may go in search of something to satisfy that withdrawal – but in about 3 or 4 minutes, it will pass, just drink some water.

Food Sobriety – abstaining first of all, from those foods that are not good for us.  For example: I am in donut sobriety, I cannot have a donut. I cannot understand how anyone could ever eat just one donut. That makes no sense (and then they are sold in packages of 12? Seriously? Eating 3 or 5 donuts is MY thing so, when I realized that my donut self-control was out of whack I decided that I cannot eat donuts – I have no moderation for it. I have not had a donut in over a year. I have it written down how long I have been in food sobriety from donuts, some where.

I digress –

What about fast food restaurants? Some can drive up to that window, order  2 tacos and a bottle of water and be fine. Then there are those (uh, ya, like me) “I Can I have the crunch wrap with beef, 3 burrito supremes, no lettuce, extra tomatoes and sour cream, the nachos, and 3 no make that 4 taco supremes, and for my boyfriend he will have 3 bean burritos. “  THAT’S ME – so, unless someone gives me their money and their list, I do not do drive through – hardly ever … (That is just one example, Foster Freeze? – uh .. I drive away with my burger and fries and the largest twister they have with extra extra extra exta resses … )  Pizza? I like Blaze and Pieology – Cauliflower crust extra crisp with vegies and some meats and cheese. That’s not so bad – and they are single servings.  I don’t go often – Thank goodness, too.

So that is an example of – not so good foods – and me in a Food Sobriety – Oh and there are plenty of healthy items that I cannot partake in regularly, either … Watermelon, cold, sweet, juicy, an 18 lbs watermelon will be gone in two days and I’ll be sick for 3 … This is an area I definitely can’t bring a watermelon home. If it is at a social function, I’ll be dainty to show my restraint… Come on now, you have too…

Going back to the Program offered. I cannot tell you what to eat – you are the grown up and owner of your own body, but what I do offer is 12 weeks of sessions with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy) to help you change your mind about food and how you see it as well as help you create a willingness to be open to the behavior change. I have a couple of “Way of Life” eating programs – this is not a diet – there is no 2 or 3 week diet or 12 week diet – this is learning a new way of life and how to eat and as a by-product, weight starts to come off.

Each week we work on a new aspect of what’s going on and I work with you from the inside out – Nothing happens on the outside until it is solid on the inside and each week we do hypnosis and I do record that portion so you have it to listen to daily for your own continued reinforcement. I give you many tools and a lot of information to help you be successful.

One of the weeks, along the 3 months, we take a session and you learn about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and this is such a key modality that I can’t imagine going into a Food Sobriety without it. Some of you have heard of “tapping” – Well, I teach you the right way to do it and we can now tap the crap or tap out the fat or the emotional reasons why you have issues with anything going on. It can be used to reduce pain as well. We spend 2 hours in this one session, just on this. Why do I explain it to you? Because it works!  Other blogs will be posted to go into some details about that, later.

This program is 100% effective if you follow it and IF there are no medical reasons for the weight, to begin with.

Food Sobriety – It has alot of merit and promise, it is work. You did not end up this “size” over night and it will take more than a few days (weeks, months) to see the results you desire – stay with it.  We work together to create the changes you desire.  If you look at my rate tab on my website it shows that this program right now is being offered for $1050 and if you have read this and are able to answer a few questions when you call – I will take off $150. (Some restrictions apply of course, call me to discuss)

Meanwhile, while you ponder such things – I leave you with some immediate helps. The goal of my program is to help you understand about your insulin and not triggering it. If you “get that’ – you don’t need me. Triggering it, meaning, to not spike it or crash it but keep it at a decent level 24/7 – not as impossible as it sounds (Unless there is a medical issue). The normal insulin level or blood sugar levels should range from about the mid 90s to about 110 and this varies from person to person – keeping your insulin at the normal-ish range creates more energy and less “hunger” feelings. Increasing your mono / saturated fats to 20 grams a meal (even up to 40 grams) a meal is not out of realm of good. Animal fats have this as well as Avocados and other fat rich vegetables. Starches, yes, good but very high in carbohydrates. You decide.

Each person has their own journey in weight reduction. You notice how at no time have I referred to it as ‘loss’ – the concept is that when you lose something, you tend to find it.

Have you been on the yo-you diet hop? Ya, me too. I kept thinking that I’ll lose the weight and I did, (Of course Corona hit and that didn’t help) – voila, I found some of that weight again – damnit … I have decided that I do not want to lose, I want to win – Release the unwanted, reduce the unneeded, and create a healthy way of life and way of eating for me that will last the rest of my life.

The key is low carb. So what is “low carb” ? Typically for me, personally, 25 carbs a day or less is always my goal. Some require 30 a day or if you are a cardio buff you may need more – it does depend on your health needs. I work with you like you are the athlete and I am the coach.

Also, just something to keep in mind, I am in it with you. I have to be the best example I want to see in my clients and I practice this way of life daily and no I am not perfect at it. I still have a long way to go. At the beginning of my journey, I did “lose” 75 lbs in a little over a year – I LOOKED fantastic and due to circumstances in my control and then out of my control – I was reacquainted with pasta – to my chagrin.

Meanwhile, daily weighing, drinking 100 ounces of water (or more) each day, low carbing, eathing every 3 hours to keep our insulin stablized, movement to keep the blood flowing, and so much more, will help you create not only new habits but a new habit system – a system that works with you and for you, for the rest of your life.

I look forward to working with you and if you have any questions, CALL ME ..seriously, just call me 559-749-4803 and let’s get your questions answered.

All the best,

ILAH BROCK, Hypnotherapist