What we are BEING is so much more than just an attitude or a mood that we are feeling in the moment. It is so much more than being upset with someone for not following through on a promise or being angry with someone for not being thoughtful. Our BEINGness is an emotional state that we feel, but it is also an energetic frequency that is being transmitted from you. This “beingness” or state of mind we get into wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was only a temporary feeling that went away after a few minutes, and that didn’t have an effect on us long term or on the people around us…BUT this is not the case.

Your emotional and energetic frequency actually is being transmitted out into the unseen and invisible world around us, causing others to unconsciously react to what we are being and attracting situations and people that equal or match what we are being.

The challenge here is to become aware of when you are out of alignment with your true nature, feelings of joy or gratitude or sense of feeling content and get back into alignment as quickly as possible.

We will always attract things into our lives that match us, so it is in your best interest to feel good and continue to rebalance yourself and your emotions throughout your day.

Gratitude is the BEST way to get back into alignment and back to your true nature. Remember like attracts like, so the more grateful you feel, the more you will receive to be grateful for.