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Munich, Bavaria therapist: Jean-Marie Bottequin, life coach

Jean-Marie Bottequin

Life Coach, WAPP
How do you deal with stress? We feel stress whenever we have the feeling of losing control. When we think we cannot cope with the amount of work, when something unforeseeable thwarts our plans or when the demands placed on us are too high etc. - then stress always arises. Created by fear of possible catastrophes, of failure or of not being able to do something, stress drives our adrenaline levels up. This costs the body an enormous amount of energy and in the long run can even make us seriously ill. A study by Harvard University has now found that employees with personnel responsibility are on average less stressed. The control you gain through more responsibility apparently outweighs the stress. This means that the more we relinquish control and feel out of control, the more we feel stressed. 12 ways to happiness 1. physical exercise - 2. do smile so offenas possible! - 3. sleep well! - 4. eat well - 5. live now! - 6. practice serenity - 7. blow up your blockades – 8. celebrate your successes - 9. concentrate - 10. be fully engaged – 11. start something new - 12. maintain your social network  
20 Years Experience
In-Person in Munich, Germany
Online in Austria, Germany, Multiple States
Seattle, Washington therapist: HealthWise Hypnosis, hypnotherapist

HealthWise Hypnosis

Hypnotherapist, CHt
Everyone has different triggers for their particular stress-related problems. By accessing the subconscious mind, we can address underlying causes of stress and develop personalized strategies to navigate challenging situations with ease. Through hypnosis, you can gain a greater sense of control over your emotions, develop coping mechanisms, and reframe negative thought patterns that contribute to stress. This can enhance emotional resilience and improve your ability to handle stressful situations effectively. As a hypnotherapist, I can also equip you with various stress reduction techniques that can be used outside of therapy sessions. These techniques may include self-hypnosis, guided imagery, breathing exercises, or mindfulness practices. By incorporating these techniques into your daily routine, you can effectively manage stress and promote relaxation even outside of the therapeutic environment.  
15 Years Experience
Los Angeles, California therapist: Crystal Taylor - Soulful Hearts In Nature, life coach

Crystal Taylor - Soulful Hearts In Nature

Life Coach, RSMT
Stress is not a bad thing in and of mobilizes our body and mind for bursts of extra energy when needed. It becomes a problem however when the stress response is fairly constant and unrelenting and the body/mind don't normalize and come back to a relaxed state each time. I specialize in working with highly sensitive people to get to the roots of the frequent stressors in their lives and we work together in a supportive setting to implement new more balanced ways of responding to the stressors of life and how to quickly bring the body and mind back to a peaceful state.  
15 Years Experience
Cave Creek, Arizona therapist: Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder, life coach

Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder

Life Coach
I offer strategies to manage stress, including relaxation techniques, time management skills, and identifying sources of stress. The goal is to help clients develop a more balanced and healthy approach to life's pressures. Embark on your journey to manage stress by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation, where we'll discuss personalized treatment strategies.  
21 Years Experience
Seattle, Washington therapist: Eric Olsen, life coach

Eric Olsen

Life Coach, Trauma, PTSD, BSc Sciences, DoD Career Councilor, SARC, DAPA, Pre Licensed Human Intelligence / Psychology, Life Coach. | Professional Support: LSSBB, PgM, Bluestone PMP,
We work together to help you work through stress and build good habits so you are centered in your life and can deal with any type of stress that arises.  
15 Years Experience
Waldorf, Maryland therapist: Cynthia Leslie, pastoral counselor/therapist

Cynthia Leslie

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist, MA, CPRS
Stress can take a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional toll on you. Strategies can help you bring yourself into balance and increase functioning.  
5 Years Experience
Bozeman, Montana therapist: Tony D Silva, licensed professional counselor

Tony D Silva

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LCPC
Stress is built into the human experience, and is an internal or external stimulus that induces distress as a physiological and mental state and can often invoke us to act in duress. Distress can be thought of as the inability to productively deal with stress. There are many approaches to working with distress including somatic, mindfulness techniques, awareness building around the significance of the stress involved, mental hacks, breathing exercises, lifestyle alterations, tolerance building, and self care - just to name a few. I often empower clients to effectively understand, eliminate and/or manage distress whether it is a primary or secondary focus for counseling.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person in Bozeman, MT 59718
Online in Montana
Calgary, Alberta therapist: Alexandra Vartosu, hypnotherapist

Alexandra Vartosu

Hypnotherapist, Holistic Psychotherapist & Master Life Coach, MC. (Psy.), IAPMC
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily life? Stress can take a significant toll on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. You might find it hard to relax, constantly feel on edge, or struggle with physical symptoms like headaches and fatigue. Left unmanaged, chronic stress can lead to more serious health issues and impact your overall quality of life. I understand how pervasive and debilitating stress can be. My approach to managing stress is holistic and integrative, combining evidence-based psychotherapy with mindfulness, hypnotherapy, energy healing, and life coaching. Together, we will explore the underlying causes of your stress and develop personalized strategies to help you find relief and build resilience. In our sessions, you will find a calm and supportive environment where you can learn to manage stress effectively. We will work on techniques to reduce tension, improve your coping skills, and restore balance to your life. My goal is to help you create a sustainable practice of self-care and mindfulness, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and confidence.  
11 Years Experience
 therapist: Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness, counselor/therapist

Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness

Counselor/Therapist, Board Certified Holistic Functional Medicine Psychoneuroimmunology Practitioner
Soul Journey Coaching works with Stress from the perspective of where it stems from most.We create Preventative Stress Techniques such as noticing when and which feelings induces tress most often. We also work together to create strategies to handle stressful challenges as they are presented in the moment.  
24 Years Experience
Houston, Texas therapist: Dr. Christopher Lowery, DHSc, CLCP, counselor/therapist

Dr. Christopher Lowery, DHSc, CLCP

Counselor/Therapist, Board-Certified Life Care Planner
This component is a stress management service that provides a range of tools which will assist in reducing stress by restoring the body and mind resiliency, and aptitude. The provider will ensure that individuals find happiness and break stress cycles by informing each individual about control strategies, such as relaxation exercises, meditation, avoidance mechanisms, and many other tools. This service is important because the provider will conduct an assessment and possibly create a plan which should layout abnormal behaviors, and prevent exacerbation of other stress-related complications. The plan will help to improve stressful behaviors and quality of life.  
22 Years Experience

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