Many of my clients have already discovered through long frustrating hours of trying to find a court approved anger management program,that there aren’t many actual “Anger Management Specialists” to be found. In fact, it is a highly specialized field.

I have provided Anger Management treatment for the Department of Corrections for nearly twenty years and in all that time, I have had a plethora of calls from seemingly desperate clients who have been directed to obtain an Anger Assessment and recommended treatment. Sadly, many times these clients are not given a list of approved providers to choose from. Some programs claim to offer Anger Management treatment in conjunction with Alcohol and Drug treatment, or through private Anger Counseling, but most are not on a recognized list of qualified providers with D.O.C. Probation and Parole or through the court system, of Group Therapy Specialists.  The State of Oregon requirements are quite specific as to what is an “Approved” treatment program, rather than a “general practitioner” adding this specialty to their long list of competencies.

I am also the author of “ANGER JOURNAL: An Adventure in Anger Management (Acourse in emotional awareness). I and other collegues have used this book for nearly twenty years with excellent results. Many of my clients have opted to voluntaringly remain in Anger Management treatment for two to three years, as a path to self discovery and personal change. The curriculum at Peaceful Warrior Wellness Services, LLC, is rich with personal development,role playing, and providing deep insight. It also combines my ten years as an Adjunct Psychology Professor, 33 years as a practioner of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and as an 8th Degree Black Belt “Grand Master” in Traditional Taekwon-Do and Hapkido. This blend of evidence based cognitive-behavioral/psychodynamic psychotherapy and martial arts wisdom provides an unique and peaceful approach to Anger Management Treatment.

Unfortunately, there is a growing number of “Online Anger Management Programs’ which, for obvious reasons, are not considered “therapy” and therefore in most cases, will not qualify as a Court Manadated Anger Management Therapy Program.

My recommendation is that if you are looking for a qualified, court approved Anger Management program, check with your Judge(if on Bench Probation), or with your Probation/Parole Officer with the Department of Corrections if you are on Formal Probation.  This will save you the disappointment of having to “redo” your program later.

If you are interested in an Anger Management Assessment, Court Approved treament and other Mental Health services, please contact me.

Dr. Steven Ruiz Bettencourt,Psy. D.,Cht