Am I a failure? You often question yourself when things are not going according to your plan.

The clear answer to this is a big NO. No, you are not a failure. It’s just the situation that makes you feel worthless. Let me remind you! Life is not a bed of roses. You always have to face ups and downs in your daily routine. Sometimes everything goes well as you wish. Whereas sometimes, nothing goes well for days, weeks, or even months. 

Here comes the most important point how you pick yourself up after a bad experience or a failure. All you need is to develop some positive habits and tools that rescue you if you ever face a failure. With a positive attitude, you can use your failure as a step toward success. 

What are the tricks to overcome failure? In this article, I have discussed some skills or tricks that successful people use to overcome their failures gracefully. To know how to deal with your failure in a healthy way, keep reading.

How to Deal with Failures in Life

  1. Accept Your Emotions 

If you are facing a time of failure in life, firstly, be true to yourself. You have to accept how you are feeling right now. Usually, people just try to run away instead of coping with depression or feelings of sadness. 

Don’t suppress your feelings! 

Accept the fact that you are feeling exhausted or hurt. Give some time to yourself, and take a deep breath to calm down. This will help to look for a solution. Now, you are ready to encounter your failure.

  1. Change Your Mindset 

The one who can change his mind can change the world too. The way how you perceive failure is all that matters. You need to train your mind to be ready for failure, as failure is the key to success. It is a way of learning from your mistakes. It allows you to know where improvement to achieve the actual goal. Tell yourself failure is the beginning, not the end!

  1. Avoid Bad Habits

When failing to achieve their goals, some people acquire bad habits such as smoking or drinking to forget the pain of failure. But you can’t deal wrongs with wrongs!

Bad habits harm your mental and physical health. Make sure you don’t invest your time and energy in such practices. These act as obstacles to achieving your goal and eventually lead to more failure. 

  1. Adopt Healthy Habits

You need to adopt healthy habits that will lead to a healthy life, such as start reading a book, going for a walk, or anything that helps to relax your mind. A healthy mind is all you need to deal with failure. 

Make a list of healthy habits!

It would be best if you acquired these habits. So, start practicing them right away. 

  1. Keep Looking Ahead 

Your future success will be affected if you keep living in the past. Remember that the past is the place to learn, not live in. Accept failure and move on. Set your goals and be committed to your goals for a flourishing future.


We all face failure once or many times in life. We just need to accept failure as a part of the process and overcome it with healthy habits. Always have the light of hope in yourself. This article has provided some guidelines on what to do when things don’t work out. If you are still feeling difficulty coping with failure, consult a mental health professional for help.