When our body and system feel safe, our consciousness will naturally begin to find its way towards greater coherence. This is because we are naturally inclined towards health, growth, and integration towards greater complexity and coherence.

The meeting between therapist and client can initiate a healing process just through the energetic contact that creates safety for the client’s system to find itself. The therapist’s presence lets the client know, “I’m here. It’s okay to be with what is here.”

When held correctly, this wakes up the natural healing capacities that live in all of us. It’s a wisdom and a remembering that lives in each one of our cells, and always wants to heal when the moment presents itself.

This underlying energetic nourishes the therapeutic interaction. What flows naturally from this exchange is a waking up of the healing wisdom within the client’s body and system, which initiates its natural tendency to move towards health and coherence.

In some modalities, physical touch is used to create this flow. In a somatic therapy setting, just the energetic connection can be enough to initiate the healing process to unfold. The entire therapeutic process is seeded and held within this aligned energy exchange. The client is able to discover the healing that they are ready and available for, taking it moment by moment, and following the path of healing that is theirs.

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