Bridges Clinical Hypnotherapy Services

I am here to guide you through any obstacles you may currently be facing. My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply, to better cope with change...and quite possibly, to help you find the solution that bridges the gap between where you find yourself right now and where you wish to be.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Amherst, Nova Scotia

Tracy Bertrim, M.A., RP

Registered Psychotherapist
My aim is to provide each client with a safe, nonjudgmental, and open environment to explore their thoughts and feelings, whether in person or through virtual therapy.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Amherst, Nova Scotia

Zanna Seipp-Katz

Registered Social Worker, BSW, MSW, RSW
Recognizing that you may benefit from professional support is not a weakness but an amazing strength. By coming to this site, you have already taken the first step towards positive change and that takes courage! I know that for myself, the world feels like a very different place than it did a few years ago and many of us are feeling that impact. Therapeutic support is an excellent way to work through the changes of the past and to find ways to look toward a brighter future. Whether you are looking for general support or to target a specific issue, I would be pleased to chat with you during a free 15-minute phone consultation. I have immediate virtual availability for residents of Ontario.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Amherst, Nova Scotia

Malik Smith

Registered Social Worker, MSW, BA, RSSW
Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, trapped in cycles of unhealthy behaviours, or the impacts of past trauma? Do your emotions lead you to engage in patterns you wish you could break? I can understand these feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and what seems to be uncontrollable, and I'm here to make them easier. If you are looking for clarity on why you feel this way and want to regain a sense of control or stability, now might be the time to reach out to a therapist who can help. Understanding your emotional and behavioural patterns is the first step toward change, and I am here to guide you through this process. With over 7 years specializing in anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma, I have developed an understanding of how these issues can intertwine and complicate one's life. Together, we will explore the roots of your struggles, providing you with the knowledge and strategies to not only cope but thrive. Whether it's managing emotions, overcoming addictive behaviours, or healing from emotional pain, my goal is to empower you with the awareness and resources to move forward confidently. Reach out to discuss how I can support you.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Amherst, Nova Scotia

Jorgelina Gill

Counsellor/Therapist, B.Sc Psychology | Behaviour Therapist | RTCounsellor
I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, with 19 years of experience. It is my goal to create a comfortable and safe environment where we'll work together to address your concerns and achieve your goals. Using a non-judgmental psycho-dynamic approach to understand you with your circumstances, that led you to the current situation. I work to rebuild your own self-esteem, make you stronger and will give you the right instruments to face life and adversities. I am bilingual in English and Spanish.  
21 Years Experience
Online in Amherst, Nova Scotia