1. Savor Gratitude– This is a practice of mindful gratitude. Embrace at the moment and take note of the appreciation of something- take a moment to pause and breathe into it. You will experience the expansion of your heart opening, your taking in more oxygen, and the cellular structure of your being will resonate. You will shift yourself energetically to a higher vibration.
  2. Nature  This does not necessarily mean being outdoors but that is great if you can. Being in nature is a state of presence, dwell indoors if you want with your plants, rocks, wood, or stonework that you might have. Observe your surroundings and connect with the Earth’s qualities. If you can’t find any nature in your space then it might be a good time to incorporate some. Plants and rock gardens are fun, water fountains and sand trays are also great. Allow yourself to feel the elements with all of your senses.
  3. Light – Spend time in sunlight and also in the moonlight. Open up your home space to let light in, go with the pace of the day and night, and the changes of light that come and go.
  4. Music, music, music– Rejoice in music you love, let it harmonize your body and your soul. Dance and move, sing and hum along- whatever you are inspired to do. Music is nourishment to the soul. Breathe into your body the notes, chords, bass, and beat of the song or musical composition. Let it delight you, music can be a portal that connects us back to our innate self. If tears come let them flow when the music moves you – it is healing, trust your body; it knows.
  5. Write-  Express yourself, write poetry, write a letter to someone you care about. Better yet, write to your future self, claim all that is for you- awaiting your attention.
  6. Be. In.Stillness– Quiet and reflection, meditation, and contemplation. Give yourself the gift of time every day if you can even for 5 minutes. After some time with consistency, you will long for this, something within you will beckon this of you.
  7. Be of Service – Help someone on purpose with intention of availing your gifts to another. Perhaps make them a meal, walk their dog, listen to them over tea, sense if you can hear their heart speak.
  8. Clean – Declutter, wipe down counters, wash the windows in your space – it can feel so good to wipe away dust, dirt, and grime. Transparency can take place, what needs to be revealed shines through.
  9. Donate – Give away what is no longer needed, no longer a match to you. When you free up your physical space, your insides free up too- you can welcome in the new. It is great to set an intention in this process of giving away – intend to welcome in all the abundance that is available to you and that supports your highest good.
  10. Walk-  Go take a walk, feel your body and find your own pace, your natural rhythm. Stretch and lift your arms straight up to the sky as if you won a race. There is no destination, it is your process, your path. The art of raising your hands is an honoring, saying yes to this life, a declaration of yourself.