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Zakary Zarichney

Registered Social Worker, MSW, RSW, BSW, SSC
Accepting NEW Clients (Individuals and Couples) - Are you feeling "stuck" in life and you're looking for a way to better understand the steps forward? Have you heard of EMDR and you want to learn more about working through trauma and it is has had on your life, and how you show up in the world and with others? Is anxiety, stress, or low mood something you want to explore and learn strategies to cope differently? Are you a couple looking to work through infidelity, sexuality, or just simply want the skills to better communicate and understand each other? I'm looking forward to taking my experience and education and working with you to apply it to the outcomes you're looking for. I can help create a framework to process trauma, navigate anxiety, or feel more satisfied in your relationship, and hopefully take the guesswork out of what that looks like.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Kelowna, British Columbia

Alain Langlais

Licensed Professional Counsellor, M.H., RTC, C.CH T
My approach to counselling is to respect and value the uniqueness of every individual and where they are. I work to support them using creativity, with warmth, understanding and at times, a touch of humour when appropriate.  
16 Years Experience
In-Person in Kelowna, BC V1W 5B4
Online in Kelowna, British Columbia

Jadon Ward

Counsellor/Therapist, MA, MA, RCC, CCC
I want to help you make positive changes in your life! In the last few years, you have experienced new relationship stress, financial stress, and anxiety about the future. I am here to help you walk through this and find a better way forward. My passion is using counselling to help people find hope and healing in their lives. Life is hard, and change is difficult. But when you have someone walking with you on the journey it is easier. With two Master of Arts degrees and over half a decade of counselling experience, I have the education and experience to help you get to your "best place" - whatever that is! Although I help people through many different concerns, there are a few that I work with the most - stress and stress management, couple and marriages, and college and careers. Call or email today for a free 25-minute counselling consultation to see how counselling can change your life!  
8 Years Experience
In-Person in Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G2
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Shaunna Grams, Grams Counselling Services Inc.

Counsellor/Therapist, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Welcome! Investing in your mental health has never been more spotlighted in today's super-charged world. Change is inevitable. Health and wellness sadly is not. Your mental health is a powerful driver of your overall quality of life. Whether you are looking to learn skills or better understand contributing factors, counselling helps you invest in foundations that strengthen your life goals. To learn more about me, view my video introduction on my website and see if a free 15-minute consultation is the next step for you. I'd be happy to connect with you and see what would work best.  
13 Years Experience
In-Person Near Kelowna, BC
Online in Kelowna, British Columbia

Kimberly Davidson | Katalyst Integrated Trauma Treatment

Counsellor/Therapist, RCS, MTC, RTC, SEP, CCTP, CCISM, CFRC, CATP, NARM
Hi, my name is Kimberly. As I worked to heal my own trauma, I worked with several well meaning counsellors and therapists, who really didn't know or understand how to work with complex or developmental trauma. At worst, I was further hurt by their efforts to help me, at best it fuelled me to go back to school to get the education needed to fit this gap, for those who may need help in these areas as well. The impact of developmental & complex trauma on a person is enormous and impacts the entire person and all aspects of their lives. There isn't an area of your life that cannot be improved by healing your trauma. I work efficiently and thoroughly, as you have been through enough. Healing shouldn't be harder or longer than what you have already been through.  
18 Years Experience
In-Person Near Kelowna, BC

Satu Springer

Counsellor/Therapist, BA, MTC, RCS
Everyone struggles to find the potential within themselves, and sometimes our stories and experience seem to tell us no. I have been helping people bring the yes back into their lives since 2007. I bring expertise and compassion to every counselling session, helping you bring your life to life.  
17 Years Experience
In-Person Near Kelowna, BC
Online in Kelowna, British Columbia