Bio Energetic Testing System

The system that allows you to evaluate your parameters of energetic health using information gathered through

the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes.

Many people can benefit greatly from the insight obtained through bioenergetic testing.

This testing is now being offered by Central Valley Hypnotherapy & Wellness

These scans are $150 per scan and the recommendation are monthly visits. 

Each Scan Session is approximately one hour and you will be given an assessment and will also be given at your first session what is referred to as a “remedy” with your energetic signature to have continued balance.  Subsequent sessions are designed very similarly to the first, approximately one hour and if you are in need of a remedy, one will be suggested.

Here is an example of what this system can do:

Let’s imagine that a sponge represents the Adrenal Glands and the hand squeezing it represents the stresses of life. 

Stresses of life can be considered many different things. Toxicity, nutritional deficiency, emotional trauma, radiation exposure, etc. Imagine how different stressors can squeeze the life (energy) out of the Adrenal Glands?

It is absolutely vital that each “sponge” in the body is replenished and supported regularly with the right kind/amount of “water” aka energy/information, in order for there to be continuous balance in that area.

During the testing process energetic signatures are presented to the Innate Intelligence – which yields responses via the body’s physiology. The responses indicate useful points of focus relating to individual challenges and needs. Direct feedback of the information and/or other therapeutic processes help the client make adjustments directed towards re-balancing and optimal health.

Simply Put

Imagine that when a client begins the testing process that the Test Plate is pouring out a large amount of “water” aka energy/information. Keeping in mind that the numerous areas of the client’s body are like “sponges” meant to absorb the necessary amount of “water” to function optimally.

With this idea, we understand that there will always be numerous “sponges” which are under saturated, “sponges” with a healthy amount of saturation, and “sponges” that are oversaturated.

The goal of testing the client is for the system to “pour” this water over the numerous “sponges” and record the rate of how much and how fast the “water” is absorbed/needed by the Innate Intelligence, while also taking note of which areas do not absorb/need the “water” and why.

This is non-medical and we do not make any diagnosis or medical predictions of one’s health.

We are not doctors. We work with a holistic style format to bring your the best possible information to you and may make recommendations as warranted.