Do you ever wonder what a real vacation looks like? Have you ever taken the kind of vacation that you really need? Well, I sometime wonder why our time away has to look like what we see on television or what we hear our co- workers say as they make their Disney reservations for the family or when its January and cold outside they are making plans for six months later to beat the college kids to the beach. This in it self can be a daunting task to say the least.

Now, with me, we did not grow up taking a lot of vacations at all. In fact we took very few vacations on a regular bases. So, when I started working full time and was told that I had vacation time, I really did not know what to do with my time at all. I did not make enough money back then to even think about taking a trip anywhere but right in my living room.

But, as time passed and I began to mature in my ways I started thinking about taking a time-out or vacation of sorts but not in the traditional way that most have been accustomed to. I wanted to take a vacation from people, family, places and things. The gatherings were fun, and loving however, I longed to have a fun and loving gathering with myself. I wanted to find out what I was missing about me and get to know me.

That is when my journey of life and self discovery began with the company of one.