Zoe Sileshi

Registered Psychotherapist, MDiv., RP.
It would be an honour to support you through all of life's challenges with the attention and care you deserve. I provide non-judgmental listening while offering a safe space to share and reflect. Whether you are facing difficult life transitions, struggling with anxiety, or simply seeking greater clarity and fulfillment, I am here to support you in navigating the journey.  
5 Years Experience
In-Person in Whitby, ON
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Dan Sileshi.,RP

Registered Psychotherapist, Diplomate Clinician in Logotherapy
Dan brings a wealth of experience from many years of practice. As an understanding, non-judgemental counsellor, he easily connects with individuals of all age groups, social backgrounds and cultures. He has successfully helped his clients to achieve resolution to a broad range of issues.  
In-Person in Whitby, ON L1N 1C4
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Rubina Gogna

Registered Psychotherapist, B.A., M.A., Registered Psychotherapist
*ACCEPTING NEW CLIENT'S* I am so glad you are here and putting forth your needs first or maybe you are here because your friend or family member needs support or you are just tired of feeling this ‘Numb’ feeling and you want some answers as to “Why are you feeling this way? or asking yourself “Why don’t I feel happy or sad anymore?”, “Why am I like this?”, What is wrong with me? If I have made you question yourself right now then you are in the right place with the right person. As your therapist, I will help you explore all these feelings.  
In-Person in Whitby, ON
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Bridges Clinical Hypnotherapy Services

I am here to guide you through any obstacles you may currently be facing. My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply, to better cope with change...and quite possibly, to help you find the solution that bridges the gap between where you find yourself right now and where you wish to be.  
6 Years Experience
In-Person in Whitby, ON
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Sarah Kaleem

Counsellor/Therapist, OT Reg. (Ont.), Psychotherapist
We all have the capacity to manage what comes our way, but sometimes it can feel like too much to carry on our own. Have you experienced a trauma that continues to bother you, impacts your relationships, career, or the ability to do the things you love? Do you feel anxious, depressed, stressed or overwhelmed most days? I want to help you feel more in control of your emotions so you are better able to navigate your day-to-day. Whether that means unravelling experiences of the past to make better sense of them or focusing on the here and now, we can do it together. Your emotions don't have to rob you of living a meaningful life.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Lumos Counselling owned by Bhavna Verma

Registered Psychotherapist, MSc, CCC, RP, Doctoral Student
At Lumos Counselling, we believe that the counselling process is a collaborative approach where the patient determines where they are going and the therapist provides the directions. Our philosophy to counselling is to empower patients so that they are able to work through stressors with tools and strategies learned during sessions.  
12 Years Experience
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Denise McMillan

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapist #11559
If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or a disconnect from yourself or others, you do not have to go through it alone. Starting therapy can be a powerful step towards changing your life. I am a Registered Psychotherapist who works from a trauma-informed perspective. I bring compassion and understanding to each session. I work to ensure that a safe and comfortable space is created, so you can explore your emotions and thoughts. I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, but I integrate a variety of modalities to best fit your needs, including strength-based, somatic, person-centered, parts work, CBT & mindfulness. I believe in the uniqueness of each individual and I am passionate about working collaboratively with you, to help you build resilience and reach your personal goals.I offer online therapy to adults 18+ who live anywhere in Ontario. I also offer a free virtual consultation so that we can get to know each other a bit more and to see if we are a good fit.  
4 Years Experience
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Magdalena Karakehayova

Registered Psychotherapist, RP
I see therapy as a safe space, free of judgement, where you can express yourself and begin to explore opportunities to cultivate a compassionate relationship with yourself and those around you. My goal as a therapist is to be your companion to help facilitate your internal search and exploration. Together, we will strive to help you make meaningful connections, unveil new understandings and elicit a sense of hope and trust in yourself. I work with individuals, couples, children, and families and offer a free consultation to see if I am the right therapist to support you through this journey.  
5 Years Experience
In-Person Near Whitby, ON
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Rachel Brennan

Registered Psychotherapist, B.Sc., M.A., Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
Do you feel like your anxiety stops you from living your life? Like self critical thoughts are always running through your mind and your brain won't "shut off"? Or maybe you've been through trauma that you feel like keeps affecting you in the present? I specialize in supporting teens and adults to help you have more confidence, feel more in charge of your own life and finally feel hopeful about your future again. My work is rooted in compassion and together we can equip you with the tools to cope with life's challenges, understand yourself better, and go from surviving to thriving in order to create the life that you deserve. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, adhd, self-esteem + body image issues, trauma and more. I have trainings in multiple therapeutic approaches to help you with the tools that you need for sustainable healing. I'd love to help you deepen your understanding of yourself, break free from what is holding you back, and create a more confident you. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all in therapy and use an individualized approach to suit all of my clients needs. With me by your side, we are not just tackling surface level issues, we are diving deep. You deserve a therapist who truly gets it and can help you create lasting change. Contact me to book your free phone consult today!  
2 Years Experience
Online in Whitby, Ontario

Lyba Sultan

Registered Psychotherapist, RP (Qualifying)
I am committed to providing compassionate and effective therapy tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking support for a specific issue or simply looking for personal growth and self-discovery, I am here to accompany you on your journey towards healing and fulfillment.  
1 Years Experience
Online in Whitby, Ontario