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Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #2

4. Reflection:

What is an example of slipping into a viewpoint that is not useful in a present circumstance?

“Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” (1865) and “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There” (1871) by Lewis Carroll, provide useful images. The wormhole can be envisioned as a mirror through which we enter and return, or a rabbit hole into which we fall.

5. Reflection:

What childhood memory of yours brings a good feeling to you?

“Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall”. It is easy to imagine that the character is like a child who is having a good time.


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Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #5

9. Reflection:
What are sources of resilience for you?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
“A Habit Forms: Put Self Back Together”

“All of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men could put Humpty together again”, so goes the nursery rhyme.

Common experience tells us that a person can survive severe difficulties. It is also true that seemingly mild difficulties can produce disaster for some individuals.

Survivors keep moving forward with support at crucial moments, the good fortune of ongoing resources and a mysterious resonance that is expressed by spiritual traditions. Moving forward reveals a pattern of “picking up the pieces when things fall apart” and “getting back up on the horse again”. This is known as resilience.

10. Reflection:
What is an example of a habit (of yours or someone you know) that shows recurring “blurred vision”?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
“Hobbled together, it is possib...

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Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #6

11. Reflection:
What continues to influence you, long past its occurrence?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
“The self-cobbled Humpty hobbles between The Above and The Below like a nomad.”

Above symbolizes “Present Reality” and Below means “Lasting Effects of the Past”. The ongoing influence of things that have happened is represented by the phrase “downstream results”. For example, early childhood education is connected to long-term success in life.

12. Reflection:
Think of a time when you struggled to hold back a reaction that would have provoked rejection. What was difficult for you?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
“At any moment, a rabbit hole into The Cave appears. Falling into it is so very easy.”

Rabbit Hole and Wormhole have the same meaning. There is an instantaneous connection to the effects of past events. This can be seen when someone makes a “mountain out of a molehill”. Less obvious, ...

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Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #7

13. Reflection:
How have you seen beliefs be a source of strength and when have they inhibited successful adaptation?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
The Cave is where beliefs filter experience and provide comfort like a blanket that keeps out the cold, like a hug that says love and security, like chains in a dungeon.”

Beliefs provide hope through tough times, guide us through ethical dilemmas, and shield us from being overwhelmed. Yet, beliefs can inhibit learning needed for successful adaptation to big changes.

Easter Island once had a society that believed good fortune was granted by gods. Overpopulation changed the ecology, because too many palm trees were destroyed. So the people cut down more palm trees as part of their ritual offering to the gods. The ecology collapsed and the people vanished.

14. Reflection:
How do you gain perspective and change the meaning that you give to an experience?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
“In The Cave, beliefs tie d...

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Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #8

15. Reflection:
When do distorted accounts of events or misguided actions indicate the presence of a Wormhole?

Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):
“Perverse judgments drive destructive actions.”

From the Latin word for “turned around”, “perverse” can signify the “wrong way”. If “wrong way” is constant, the person could be a sociopath who does not care about the pain cause by actions. But, when a person goes back-and-forth, usually positive and sometimes destructive, it could indicate that a Wormhole is active. When a child is “just being a kid” and the adult reaction is overly punitive or routinely critical, the adult reaction is perverse.


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Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #1 - - Journey from Survival of Trauma to Freedom of Love

2. Reflection: How can you tell that the past is “woven” into a present experience?

Wormhole: Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen realized that general relativity allows the existence of “bridges,” originally called Einstein-Rosen bridges but now known as wormholes. These space-time tubes act as shortcuts connecting distant regions of space-time.

Source: “Stephen Hawking’s Universe”,

Here, Wormhole represents a connection between past and present. The “travel” is not necessarily perceived. Past and present “light” is indistinguishable. “Light” is a metaphor, rather than something visual. It is as if experience is a fabric; and past and present are “woven” into it.

3. Reflection: What present day desire has its roots in past experience(s)?

“A Streetcar Named Desire”, by Tennessee Williams, is about a “woman who invents ...

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Kuwait Psychology: Client Bill of Rights

1. Clients have the right to avoid exploitation by those who brazenly adopt misleading titles, such as "doctor", "supervising psychologist", "registered psychologist", "counseling psychologist", "psychiatrist" and so on.

2. Clients have the right to ask whether their therapist has a valid doctoral degree from a regionally accredited university or has purchased their degree online from a diploma mill. Clients have the right to know that some diploma mill degree holders have achieved celebrity-like status through misleading advertising campaigns, the extensive use of phony titles, and other forms of self-promotion like becoming the "founders" of patient referral networks disguised as professional organizations.

3. Clients have the right to suspect the veracity of a doctoral degree in psychology which is suddenly acquired without ever having left Kuwait. Clients have the right to know that only a diploma mill degree can be acquired overnight since it is based on...

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Your Choices and Meditation

You go through life automatically, not feeling quite right but not knowing why. You go to a job you hate, come home, make dinner, watch TV, and start all over again, waiting for your vacation to forget the emptiness of your life for one or two weeks. And you ask yourself, “This can’t be all there is”. And you’re right…this isn’t all there is. And, believe it or not, you always have a choice to continue to live on automatic pilot or to make the effort to become more aware of who you are and what you really want.

Socrates is reported to have said, “The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being”. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for becoming aware of our own thought processes and, eventually, of your erroneous beliefs. Daily meditation helps to quiet the body and mind and reconnect with your heart and its yearnings. While this can be scary, the rewards are unestimable. There is always the risk that this increased awareness will b...

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Unexpected results

What amazes most about hypnotherapy is that results can be positive in unexpected ways. Recently, I worked with 3 of my clients on issues ranging from self-confidence when speaking a new language, to reconnecting with their higher self to helping with insomnia.

I was surprised to hear back from them a week or so later. Each client told me that they had stopped smoking without even really trying; they simply no longer felt the urge. Also, their addiction to sugar had subsided to almost nothing.

I'm humbled by such amazing results because I have almost nothing to do with them. I am simply a guide to your inner kickass self! It's the dynamic between the hypnotherapist and the client that creates miracles. I truly enjoy being a hypnotherapist.


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Controlling Anxiety

Controlling Anxiety

Our lives are getting busier and more demanding and each of us has experienced anxiety at one point, to a greater or lesser degree. For some of us anxiety is circumstance-specific, for example, before a public speaking engagement or an important exam. However, for a large number of people, generalized anxiety has become a constant and pervasive element in their lives. This state of constant anxiety wears away at quality of life and the body in a number of ways.

I would say that the majority of my clients suffer from an anxiety disorder, whether it be generalized, non-specific anxiety or phobias. Many of them have very little hope of feeling better and they often come to hypnosis as a last resort. My job is to renew their hope and to help them allow themselves to dream of a happier life.

Anxiety attacks are alarming when they occur. You often feel powerless, out of control, filled with dread for no logical reason. No matter how often you tell yourself that you hav...

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