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THE Key to a Long Term Marriage / Relationship

Ever wonder if there might be one amazing and powerful tool that you could apply to your relationship that would greatly increase the odds of success?

As a therapist I have help numerous couples navigate the challenges of being together long term.  Some time ago I created a tool I call 'The Business of Marriage' that has proven, time and time again, to short circuit big problems, and substantially increase the love and joy in a relationship.

'The Business of Marriage' is an communication tool that ensures small issues are dealt with BEFORE they become big issues.  It ensures those things that really matter are communicated, shared and decided upon using an agreed upon premise that reflects your your values and goals for the relationship.

Sound interesting?  For a more complete description and learn more go here:

At GenesisSquared Counselling and Psychotherapy we provide you with tools and strategies that help you make the ch...

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Wherever there has been trauma, there will be drama.  Whatever you do, do with a sense of worthiness, with intention, not just being swept along by the past. 

If you are not convinced of your self-worth, just do your best.  Although your best may vary from day to day, moment to moment, as long as you are trying, you are not only getting better, you are perfect in the present moment.


Cheryl Deaner, LMFT

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Kuwait Psychology: Important Questions For Your Therapist

1. Is your therapist using the 'Doctor' title? Real doctors command higher fees so be careful, they could have anything from a certificate, to a bachelor's, master's, or other online degree. 

2. If they in fact do have a doctoral degree, is it a PhD or PsyD degree from a regionally accredited university, or from an online diploma mill?

(A diploma mill degree can be easily acquired online since it is based on "life credit" instead of academic course credit. Keep in mind that a diploma mill has no courses, no faculty, no residence requirement, no internship and no validity.)

3. Did they complete a 3 year APA approved internship as part of their psychology doctoral program requirement? If so, where? If not, then they would not have been allowed to sit for any "Psychologist" licensing board qualifying exams.

2. Are they using regulated titles like "Psychologist", "Licensed Psychologist" and "Registered Psychologist" which are for the exclusive use of registrants and licensees of N...

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Legitimate Reason or Lame Excuse

Legitimate Reason or Lame Excuse


The distinguishing factor of what separates reasons from excuses is the allocation of accountability. An excuse is a faultfinding attempt to get yourself “off the hook” for something that you did or didn't do. A reason, on the other hand, is presented with integrity and describes the circumstances, action or situation without any attempt to escape blame or avoid consequences. Generally excuses are deceptive behavior and are a red flag on a spiked flagpole. Reasons include honesty and are built on trust and mutual respect, necessary components for good relations.


Using excuses habitually, being defensive and intertwining those ‘tiny little exaggerations’ into your explanations can undermine a friendship and weaken the value of your word; the essence of who you are and how you’re perceived. For many, excuses are defense mechanisms not born of malice. Others are aware of, on some level, th...

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How Do You Show Love??

How do you show your partner love in a way that maintains a feeling of intimacy and connection in your relationship or marriage? How do you need to recieve love? We often attempt to show our loved ones love in ways that we would like to receive love rather than the way they recognize and receive love. Once you understand they ways they need to be shown love, you can change your patterns in the relationship. Visiting a Relationship Counsellor can provide the opportunity to explore what is meaningful to each member of the partnership or marriage. Learn how two have your needs met while also understanding your partners needs.

Kerry Vega, MTC, RPC

Visit for more tips and tricks on improving your relationships in your love life, family and career.



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Kuwait Ethics: The Breech of Patient/Student Confidentiality as a Marketing Tool

The institutionalization of the application of business principles like cost benefit analysis to the practice of psychology, along with the deliberate suppression of internationally recognized standards governing the use of the 'psychologist' title in the country has given rise to a perfect storm of confidentiality breeches on the internet and across public and private email networks, both within and outside of school counselors' associations. The profit motive, which comes into direct conflict with the ethical principles of the American Psychological Association (APA), was adopted as a guiding principle in a "local" ethics code written by a group which calls itself the Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) currently led by a former elementary school counselor. This local ethics code has conveniently supplanted the ethical standards of the APA code, the implementation of which is now considered a threat since it would mean that none of the self-styled practitioners, supervisors ...

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How to Enjoy Exercise

     Many people are scared of the word “exercise.” Oftentimes when we hear from the doctor, health professional, friend, family member, etc that we “should really start exercising,” we immediately flash to the vision of the woman in the neon leotard or the man in the tank top with rippling muscles. Couple this image with the sound of a beefy personal trainer yelling, “give me one more! No pain, no gain!” and it’s no wonder we want to say “no thank you!” to that whole exercise thing!

     The primary reason that we retain this particular image when it comes to exercise is due to the significant rise in fitness facilities in the 1980s… and it just kinda stuck. So then, when it is suggested that we begin exercise we can’t help but think that that means we have to buy a gym membership, new clothes, a gym bag, a water bottle, and new shoes and on top of that, have to start running on a treadmi...

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Authenticity in my practice

Starting my own hypnotherapy practice has been anything but straightforward. As with anything new, I'm struggling to find my own voice and a clear path. It seemed so simple at first.

Authenticity and transparency are qualities that I have struggled to embody in my life and my relationships. I'm a child of the 60s and, as an impressionable teenager, I assimilated many of the core beliefs of the hippy generation: An anti-establishment, anti-capitalistic, almost anarchic philosophical and political stance; a strong belief in the goodness and power of people; respect of people's freedom and the reality of their experience. My spiritual life has been a patchwork of Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist beliefs and, at this point, I'm pragmatic with no religious affiliations. The Universe is impersonal and is ruled by certain laws. If I allow negativity to rule my life, I will attract more of the same. If I allow positivity to guide me, like attracts like.

As an entrepreneur, how can I reconcile being s...

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Being Mindful

I see us as energetic beings with the ability to change; everything around us has energy as do thoughts, emotions and feelings. What I have found is that Mindfulness is the energy that helps me to recognize happiness that is present at every moment of my life and is the source of happiness and joy. Whether it be simply walking the dogs and taking in deep breaths of air, enjoying my visits with the horses along the way, noticing the changes of the seasons as I walk, but every moment noticing the beauty of the each present moment and no longer being on autopilot.

Many people go about their everyday life on autopilot their minds full of what their obligations are in their busy life or caught up in worry, fears, anger or regret, reliving the past or being anxious about their future instead of being in the present moment, living a deeply fulfilled life. I practice mindfulness daily and now drive more safely because I’m not on autopilot, I am concentrating on what I am doing, being in...

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Relationships: Start Strong and Stay Strong

Relationships – Start Strong and Stay Strong Relationships can be resilient and enduring. It’s important to go in with your eyes wide open and to do ‘your part’ to nurture the relationship. Know yourself and what you want out of the relationship. When you get right with yourself, it opens up the door to opportunities that directly relate to developing a strong union. Contentment and happiness come from inside and are major contributions to ‘doing your part’ in your relationship. Enter a relationship with realistic expectations. Don’t expect your spouse to support his/her needs and all of yours too. You are ultimately responsible to support yourself emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Work on thinking positively. Search for the meaning in your life. Continue to learn. These are opportunities to develop your self for a richer, more satisfying life. ***

While complete independence is neither possible nor desirable, by standing on your ow...

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