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7 Things to Get Rid Of That Will Instantly Ease Your Nerves


Modern life is full of “conveniences” that are supposed to make life easier, but often end up making life more stressful. If you want to lead a lower-stress life—and as a result be happier and healthier—you can start by discarding some of these stress-makers.


The constant ringing, texting and browsing the Internet can be stressful and result in frayed nerves. Recent research has shown that smartphones can increase stress. The irony? It’s not because they’re being used for business. Using smartphones for business is at least neutral from a stress standpoint, but when people use it for personal relationships, they become obsessed with checking and responding to emails and social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. The result is a constantly heightened sense of social anxiety.

Background Noises

Although some people may get relaxation from white noise generators and other types of background noise, other people may actually be stressed o...

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Taking Child's Pose

Have you ever taken a yoga class? If so, then you are surely aware of one of the most basic poses – Child’s Pose. When taking this pose, you are folded over your knees, forehead of the ground and arms and hands either flat by your sides or stretched out in front of you. I understand it to be a resting pose – used when you need to take a break from the current flow of the class. You might be too tired, you might have noticed a pain somewhere in your body, you might simply not want to do the current pose that the rest of the class is doing. So you opt out and take Child’s Pose.

Child’s Pose is a legitimate asana – or body position. Every yoga teacher I know speaks of Child’s Pose as a fantastic option. They often will direct me and my other classmates to ‘take Child’s Pose.’ But they also point out that this position is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, intuition, and self-care. Knowing when you’ve pushed yo...

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Art therapy with Autistic kids

Recent studies on children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have revealed that seventy percent of children with ASD between the ages of 10 and 14 have also been diagnosed with another disorder, anxiety related disorders are named as the most common one!

Behavioral therapists working with kids with ASD admit that anxiety is an inevitable factor of lives of kids and teenagers with ASD. However, studies have shown that combining behavioral and art therapy techniques with kids with developmental disabilities and autistic traits, will improve communication skills and will increase interpersonal interaction in them; which results in reducing social anxiety.Therapy serves as an outlet to express emotions and thoughts, and also helps kids with ASD to make sense out of daily events...

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Serenity Prayer: Tool for Emotional Health

The Serenity Prayer is a well known spiritual tool used in 12 Step recovery whose origins are unclear. Most attribute the prayer to the Christian (Protestant) theologian, Rheinhold Niebuhr (Karl Paul Rheinhold Niebuhr, 1892-1971). Here is a long version of Niebuhr's prayer, with some Christian context:

"God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
courage to change the things which should be changed,
and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

In any event, I heard an interpretation of the Serenity Prayer, I think from a Father Martin film (remember those things on reels?), that I have used for over 36 years...

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Keeping your inner calm

Many times it is challenging to keep calm when life keeps throwing you curve balls. You make some plans and everything that could go wrong does. Your car doesn’t start, your boss yells at you for a late report, your kid is sick, you have to work overtime on a Friday, and so on. At times these small crises seem to happen all at once and it can be overwhelming. How do you stop and find your way back to a state of calm?

It is essential to remember that regardless of any outside circumstances, drama or family issues we may experience we all have a part of us that is a center of calm. It might be clouded by all the turmoil that is happening in our lives but it is always there, waiting for us to tap into it. It is waiting for us to come back to this state of peacefulness. On days like this, we need to stop and take a quiet moment alone if possible. This could be in the car, bathroom, your office wherever you can get a moment’s peace.

Close your eyes and for every inhalation tel...

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6 Tips for a Good Night's Rest


We all know that sleep is vitally important, but we’re just beginning to understand how important. For example, recent research has shown that during sleep our brain removes chemicals that damage the brain and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep also helps us overcome trauma to resume a more normal life.

But getting sleep is hard. Even those of us that spend the recommended amount of time in bed often sleep an hour and a half less than we think. Here are some tips that can help you maximize your sleep every night.

Keep a Sleep Schedule

Experts suggest going to bed and getting up the same time every day, even on days off, weekends, and holidays. Our bodies have an internal clock that helps prepare us for sleep and for wakefulness, and maintaining a consistent bedtime encourages your body to produce sleep hormones at the right time so that you spend less time tossing and turning before you fall asleep.


Exercise is good for just about everything, including s...

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Momney Money

Many people seem to stress over their spending habits. It is important to note that money is only a tool-like a hammer, a screwdriver or a drill. It is the worry over money that causes stress, not the money itself. What about you, do you spend a lot of time stressing about money? As I have said in earlier blogs, worry over anything, especially money, is a waste of energy. A Better way to approach "worry" is to replace it with action. I work with my clients on just this concept-replacing habits that don't work for them with ones that do. Remember it all starts in the mind. For example, digressing for a moment to the topic of weight loss-In the book "Think Like a Thin Person." The author works on adapting your mind to "believe" that you are thin first. After the thought process changes, then and only then will you reach your fitness goal (followed by action of course). The same can be said of money-when it comes to money, you need to think like a rich person!  If your mind was convi...

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Panic 101

It’s easy to picture a panic attack as this big mean monster, whose sole purpose is to steal the joy and excitement out of life, replacing it with fear, dread and hopelessness. However, panic attacks aren't an entity on their own; they are simply an automatic biological response, just like breathing.

Have you ever had an adrenaline rush? That feeling you get when your legs are wobbly, your heart is beating in your ears, you’re sweating, and/or feel like you could throw up? Adrenaline rushes happen to everyone, whether it’s from riding a roller coaster, running away from a swarm of bees, or swerving to avoid a car accident. An adrenaline rush is a surge of energy, and they exist for one very important reason - to keep us alive. The stress hormones released during an adrenaline rush (like adrenaline and cortisol) increase our likelihood of survival in dangerous situations by increasing our heart rate, our breathing rate, and our reaction time so we can run or fight our ...

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Guided Meditation for Attracting Love on All Levels

Join Rev. Tracy L. Cox, B. Msc., IMM, CIMM for a guided meditation designed to attract love on all levels into your life. Meditation has been proven by countless studies to provide greater health, wealth, prosperity and happiness, simply by helping us to contact our true reality of Oneness with All that Is. Rev. Tracy is an Ordained Minister and Ontario Wedding Officiant, as well as a pastoral and spiritual care provider. She provides one on one consultations in her Aurora Chapel, and worldwide by phone. Please see her website at for further information. Connect to Source! 

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UPCOMING: Caregiver Support Group & Mother/Daughter Workshops

Caregiver's Support Group

Are you the primary caregiver for an aging, sick, or disabled loved one? This can be a lonely and difficult job. This support group will help you feel understood and encouraged. You spend so much of your time helping your loved one. This group is here to help you! Ongoing from 11 am to 12:15 pm Saturdays. The cost is $10 to cover cost of materials. REGISTRATION REQUIRED by contacting Christianne at or call 817-993-1170. For more information, visit

Mother/Daughter Workshop for Young Adults and Their Mothers

Do you feel your mother/daughter relationship is not what you want it to be? Is your relationship filled with misunderstandings and hurt feelings? During this 2 hour workshop, I want to help you and your mother or daughter better connect and understand each other. This workshop is for daughters ages 20 to 29 and their mothers.
Saturday, April 12, from 1 pm to 3 pm
$20 per mother/daughter duo
Please re...

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